Parenting Guide: Is Your Child Ready for the First Day of School?


The first day of school is an important milestone for any child—but it’s also a big moment for parents. You’re excited for your child to start learning and making new friends, but you’re also sad to see them go.

And while you might not know what to expect, in this article, you’ll learn some things you should keep in mind when taking your child to school for their first day.

What to Expect on the First Day of School

On the first day of school, parents should expect their children to be nervous. It is their first time interacting with many new people, and they will likely be shy and withdrawn. Parents need to be supportive and understanding and give their children plenty of space to adjust.

Suppose your child is starting at a daycare facility. In that case, professionals should already know how your child interacts with people they don’t know. They are likely to be used to being around different children by now, too.

Preparing your Child for the First Day of School

You should plan a day before the first day of school. Doing so will help your child feel less scared. The night before, remind your child that new faces will be and give them time to process the information. Before they go to bed, make sure that they clean up their room and pick out clothes for tomorrow from their closet. This task will help them take control of the situation. Make sure you pack a small bag with water bottles and snacks that they can take into school.

On the morning of the first school day, ensure you help your child feel comfortable and offer an encouraging speech.

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What to Do if your Child is Nervous or Scared

Is your child feeling nervous or scared on their first day of school? You can do a few things to help them feel better.

One thing you can do is talk to them about what they will be doing that day. It will help them know what to expect and make them feel more relaxed. If your child feels anxious, consider staying with them on their first day. Doing so will help them feel safe and secure and make the transition much smoother.

Another thing you can do is try to acknowledge how your child feels. Instead of reassuring them that everything will be okay, it might be better for you to be honest and affirm their feelings. Say something along the lines of “You seem nervous! I’m nervous too” or “It’s okay to feel scared sometimes.” These words can help your child feel seen and supported.

No matter what happens on their first day, it’s essential to remember that school is a significant landmark for your child, and this is just the first day of many more. If they need time to adjust, let them take their time. And remember, it’s okay if your child needs you on the first day.

Take Pictures and Videos

Parents should always take pictures and videos on the first day of school. This strategy will help document the milestone and be an excellent memory for both the parents and the child. Plus, it’s a great way to show your friends and family how your child is doing in their new school.

More so, taking pictures and videos on the first day provides an excellent opportunity for parents to talk about what they can expect from the school. For example, suppose your child had difficulty adjusting. You can take a picture of them looking scared or lost as a visual representation of that experience. Then next year, when it’s their first day again, your child will know what to expect, which will help calm their nerves.

Learn for the Next Year

As the school year comes to a close, it’s crucial to start preparing your child for the following year. One way to do this is to start talking to them about what they learned in school and what they’re looking forward to next year. You can also help them prepare for the next year by doing fun things like reviewing multiplication tables or reading books together.

You can also get your child excited for the upcoming school year by opting to send them to summer camps or camps that teach them life skills. These things will help them learn new skills and get ahead for the following year.

No matter what, it’s essential to keep an open mind to changes and challenges. It can be scary and nerve-wracking to take your child into school for their first day but remember: it’s a big step in their lives, and you should be proud no matter what.

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