Entrepreneurship 101: Home Service Business Ideas

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Before you open your own home service business, you have to determine first what other companies offer and how they differ from one another. The idea is to provide a kind of home service where you won’t have many competitors.

A home service business is ideal in an industrious city. People are typically busy in these places. Therefore, they no longer have the time or the energy to fix minor damage in their homes or deep clean their private spaces.

And you and take advantage of this opportunity. You can offer several services- from interior decorating to handyman services- people would always need help one way or another.

Here are the top home service business ideas.

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Deep House Cleaning

Deep house cleaning is probably on top of your list. But do you know what’s actually involved in this business? You can check out other deep cleaning companies and see what makes them unique. This will help you identify what deep cleaning services you want to offer your clients.

For example, a deep cleaning business can specialize in a spring cleaning service. What exactly is it? Spring cleaning is the practice of maintaining and cleaning a home to ensure that it stays clean and presentable all year long. It includes disinfecting, scrubbing, mopping, shining, sweeping, and many more.

Apartment Prepping

An apartment preparation business focuses on adding finishing touches to an apartment before the occupant moves in. This business can also include wallpaper repair, carpet cleaning, painting, and wall washing.

You can set individual fees for each service, or you can also offer an all-in-one package fee. The best way to market your business is by advertising to several apartment complexes in the area. You can also partner with an apartment rental agent so that they can refer you to their clients.

Garden Services

If you like plants and enjoy creating and designing garden spaces, you can use this passion of yours and turn it into a business. In most cases, garden services include garden maintenance, cleaning, landscaping, planting, fertilization, and composting. It can also include pool maintenance and the installation of irrigation.

And even though you plan to specialize in residential garden services, you can expand your business by offering services to commercial spaces like parks or hospital gardens.

Handyman Services

All houses need minor and major repairs from time to time, making handyman services incredibly in-demand. If you are good at repairing homes or repainting a room to make it look brighter, you can start a handyman service business.

Most handyman service providers perform a wide range of maintenance work for residential and commercial spaces. The tasks could include remodeling community spaces, fixing plumbing systems, performing repair analysis, and giving repair guidance.

Interior Decorating

Some people have a natural talent for designing home spaces. And if you have the magic hand to turn a space into something artistic, you can start a business as an interior decorator. Enhance your credibility as a professional by obtaining certificates and attending training programs. Doing so will surely impress your clients and attract potential customers.

Home Energy Auditor

A home energy auditor business focuses on determining if a home is wasting energy. The job also includes providing insights to figure out how a home can use power properly. As a startup, you can begin offering services by helping homeowners cut down on energy consumption. Depending on the size of the property, a professional energy audit can take anywhere from half an hour to 4 hours to finish.

Fountain and Pool Maintenance

Keeping pools and fountains clean and well maintained can be a demanding task for busy people. But this is a business opportunity for you. If you know how to keep a fountain and pool in excellent condition, this can be your chance to open your freelance home service business. First, you need to figure out what you want to offer, how to find potential clients, and solve complex challenges related to pool and fountain maintenance.

Personal Organizer

If you like organizing things and ensuring that everything is in order, you can become a professional home organizer. Your main task is to organize messy and unorganized spaces. You will be expected to make the rooms comfortable for the house’s occupants, helping them keep their areas well-maintained, clean, and organized.

In summary, you can always turn your passion into a potential business. If you are primarily interested in maintaining a home, keeping it clean and organized, or repairing damage, there’s always a home service business you can try.

Consider the businesses listed above and determine where your interests and skills match best. However, you can always try to expand your knowledge and learn more about home services to offer more to your clients.

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