Common Water Issues in Your Home and Their Solutions

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Water is something that we always use in our home, be it for bathing, drinking, cleaning, etc. However, there are times that our water looks or feels off. We need to deal with the issue immediately; otherwise, it can cause damage to our home and health. Here are some common water problems you can get in your home and how you can deal with them.

Manganese and Iron

Manganese and iron can make your water cloudy or rusty. They can create rust-colored or dark brown stains on your laundry, cookware, and plumbing fixtures and have an astringent or rusty taste. A water filtration system can fix that problem efficiently. You could also try a conventional water softener to try to fix it.

Hard Water

If there is too much magnesium or calcium, which is in all-natural water, in your water, it can make it become “hard water.” Hard water makes limescale build up in your pipes, which can create permanent damage and decrease efficiency. 85% of Americans experience hard water and may not realize that they can change it.

Hard water is not a danger to your health. However, it can lead to other nuisances that can create issues in your home. For instance, you can get mineral-derived odors in your house, irritated skin, dull hair, spots on glasses and dishware, etc. A water softener should quickly solve your hard water issues.

No Hot Water

There is nothing worse than enjoying a hot shower, then suddenly getting cold water poured down on you. A faulty gas control valve can cut off supply to your burner, which means it will not create any heat. If the heating elements fail in the water heater is a common problem that creates a lack of hot water. You should not ignore the problem and get your water heater checked or repaired. You need to find an excellent service for water heater replacement in Millcreek to help you get your water heater fixed.

Foul Odor and Taste

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If your water smells or tastes fishy, moldy or musty, you should stop drinking it until you fix the problem. While it could be safe to drink, you should test it for bacteria because it is better to stay on the safe side. Foul-smelling or tasting water can be from sulfates, such as iron or hydrogen sulfide. An active carbon filter could quickly fix this problem. However, if you notice that the problem did not go away after getting a new filter, you need to call a professional to fix the problem for you.


If you notice that there is sediment in your water, it may look dirty. Turbidity and sediment are organic, dirt, rust, clay, scale, or sand particles that suspend in your water. It is more common to see if your water comes from rivers, lakes, or ponds. It can be bothersome if you want to drink a glass of water and see dirt in it. Sediment filters are a quick solution to this issue.

Are you having trouble with your house’s water? Check out these issues and solutions to fix the problem right away.

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