Going Big: How Small Businesses Can Gain New Customers and Keep Them for Good

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Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and that’s no secret. The only trouble is, attracting prospects and converting them to paying customers isn’t exactly an easy task. But don’t fret. Here are a few ways to lure new people into your small business and make them stay:

Get a Clear Picture of the Target Market

Imagine playing darts blindfolded. Unless you have been specially trained or are extremely lucky, there’s little chance you’ll ace the game. The same applies when you’re targeting customers, old and new. You have to know who your prospects are for you to learn what makes them tick.

No matter how grand and elaborate they are, marketing strategies are bound to fail if people find them irrelevant.  Before you launch a new product or craft an advertising campaign to entice prospects, do your research first. Nail the basics of customer demographics: age, income, location, and lifestyle

From there, you’ll get an idea of your prospects’ interests and needs. Use that information to come up with personalized offers and strategies, which result in higher engagement versus aimless marketing.

If you’re struggling to grasp the whole idea of customer demographics, think of the last time you bought a product, then ask yourself why you made the purchase. Identify your basic demographic characteristics. Did they influence your buying decision process? If yes, how?

Keep Your Place of Business Inviting

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Now that you’ve got your customers’ attention with customized offers and deals, the second step is to make a good and lasting first impression with an appealing storefront. Take note that your shop’s overall look and feel can either lure or drive people away. It’s a deal so big that two out of three customers decide whether or not to visit a store based on its appearance alone.

The good news is, you can keep your place of business inviting and pleasant to the eyes if you get the following factors right: organization, style, and curb appeal.

Window displays and shelves serve as an opportunity to show off your best products and peek speeding customers’ interest. It’s up to you if you want to be bold or keep it simple when it comes to organizing the goods you offer. What’s important is to make your products the focal point. Make the design elements work together to draw the customers’ eyes to the items you’re trying to sell.

Another thing storefront owners shouldn’t overlook is the curb appeal. No one likes to shop in a dirty, unkempt store, so be sure to keep your place clean, in and out. Even a task as simple as sweeping the sidewalk out front every day can make your store attractive in a snap.

If finances permit, consider an exterior makeover as well. Invest in quality commercial roofing, masonry, and paint job, which won’t only turn heads but also last for years.

Go Online

Most small businesses rely on local customers for profit. But what if you can reach people beyond your neighborhood?

The digital world makes that possible and more. Since an average person spends more than 4 hours on their phone every day, creating a website and social media pages for your pages wouldn’t be a bad idea. Not only will these digital tools enable you to offer your products to a broader market, but they will also allow you to forge better and deeper customer relationships through quick, real-time messaging.

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