Cultural Diversity in a Community

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Do you know what cultural diversity is? Do you know how to address a person of color without being offensive? Or do you know the long history of how cultural diversity has become accepted in our community?

It has been many years since cultural diversity has gained its light. People are now accepting other races in their community without making a big deal out of it.

History of Cultural Diversity

Nowadays, we have neighbors from different cultures and races. Asian, African, and other races are now mixed into one community, creating cultural diversity. In ancient times, racism was very heavy that it was hard for other races to get along.

People had different beliefs and ways of life before. One race would fight and discriminate against one another. Some would fight for their land and rights. It was a war against race and humanity itself. People of color were enslaved. The Asian continents were colonized as well.

Because of these events, different cultures had spread all over the world and somehow formed a unity. One culture was shared with the other until people slowly started to appreciate other people’s culture.

Acceptance of Cultural Diversity

But the process that it took to accept this cultural diversity was not easy. The discrimination against people of color was extremely high. Migrants from Hispanic and Asian countries were heavily bullied in school. Some people showed no respect for these cultures.

Our ancestors fought hard for their culture to be accepted in society. They fought for the people to know that accepting someone’s culture will not harm you in any way. Instead, they instilled in people’s minds that learning about other cultures makes you more human than hating them.

With the widespread effects of different cultures, people slowly developed a sense of appreciation. Learning to respect other people’s way of speaking, way of life, the color of their skin, and their beliefs.

People have come to accept that we are all human—no matter our race, color, and beliefs. Different races can eat at the same diner and restaurants. New kids from other countries are now welcomed instead of being made fun of. Cultures have also begun to merge because of the acceptance of different cultures and races.

An example of this is finding an African-American lifestyle magazine displayed in a local store run by Asian people. This is how diverse the culture has become. It has slowly become one with other cultures without people seeing a problem with it.

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Cultural Appropriation

This is one side of the coin that people mostly misunderstood. Cultural appropriation is very different from cultural appreciation. Cultural appreciation is about wanting to understand other people’s cultures. Meanwhile, cultural appropriation is an entirely different thing.

This is when people try to tweak other people’s culture and making it their own. This is entirely based on their personal interest.

Examples of cultural appropriation are wearing Bindis on their forehead despite not being an Indian woman. Having tribal and ethnic tattoos have a high potential for cultural appropriation. Wearing the Japanese kimono can also be a potential cultural appropriation if not worn in the rightful place and time.

By doing these things, the original inheritors of the culture might feel offended, thus, causing another outrage in the society.

Even though it is a known fact that people genuinely appreciate every culture, it is still advised to do it the proper way. This is to avoid accidents or misunderstandings between the cultures.

Widespread Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity has already become a common thing, but many accidents can still happen like cultural appropriation. That is why being careful and sensitive towards these issues is advised.

We all know now that we have different cultures and races. We must also be aware of how sensitive other people are to their culture. Insensitivity was one of the main reasons why the war on cultures and races started.

People failed to see the importance of any culture. To avoid that, we must be considerate of other people’s cultures.

Living in a diverse community used to be so hard. But after the sacrifices of our ancestors and the battles they fought, living in a diverse community is like a dream.

Having a diverse workplace and workmates, classroom and classmates, and your neighbors as well. Accepting and understanding other people is easy as long as you open your heart and mind to it. You can create a better world and a better life by doing so.

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