Tying the Million-dollar Knot: Debunking Affluent Marriage Myths

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For us average folks, the rich look out-of-reach. We tend to see them for their wealth and success, disregarding the fact they’re human, too. As a result, some of us shy away from them or form misconceptions about their way of life, as if we’ve stepped into their shoes.

One of our favorite topics about the rich is their love lives. We’re particularly interested in whom, why, and how they marry. Sadly, the rich’s love lives are cloaked in myth, making them even more unapproachable from our perspective. While it’s true that the wealthy are rather picky with friends and partners, they’re not very different from us at the most fundamental level. Like any other person, the rich also crave human connections and love.

That said, here are the top misconceptions about the rich when it comes to marriage:

1. They Only Marry Rich

Famous male CEOs seem to have one thing in common: their wives are also rich. For this reason, we assume every other rich person marries someone in the same circle. But that’s not necessarily true. What makes a millionaire marry a person isn’t their money but the personality traits that make that person marriageable.

The truth is that a millionaire looks for a woman who is supportive, understanding, and smart. If that woman comes from the elite, that is not surprising. After all, the man’s social circle also consists of other rich people. They may not exclusively marry rich, but might end up doing so anyway because they hardly know anyone from a lower socioeconomic class. But hasty decisions lead to regret. In case they cannot find a compatible partner in their circle, they can sign up for matchmaking services.

Hence, instead of assuming the rich only marry the rich, let’s assume they marry their equal. And it doesn’t cost money to do such. Marrying your equal will enrich your life, millionaire or not. Plus, being equal doesn’t mean being equally rich. It could mean being as committed, as disciplined, or as motivated as your partner. Like all of us, the rich also long for someone who shares their constant pursuit for success.

2. They Don’t Love Their Children

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In the movies, rich parents often treat their children as mere heirs, not family. They have high expectations of them and hardly show them affection. But in real life, the case differs by family. It’s true that rich people see their children as heirs, but it doesn’t mean they don’t love them.

Love makes rich parents give their children the best life while teaching them important life and financial lessons. A rich parent wouldn’t gain anything from not loving their children. If they want their kids to continue their legacy, they must love them enough to prevent them from going astray.

However, there are a handful of disadvantages to being a rich kid. According to one billionaire’s son, his parents were often away, so their household staff practically raised him. In addition, he described his position as “really, really scary.” The threat of being kidnapped is always at the back of his head, despite having a security entourage behind him at all times.

So while rich parents definitely love their children, the life of luxury they give them evokes a sense of insecurity. But at least, they can afford to employ an army of bodyguards to protect their children. That’s better than spoiling them and then leaving them vulnerable.

3. They Spoil Their Spouses and Children

Some rich men marry young and beautiful women, creating the impression that they only want someone to spoil. But there are many millionaires out there who actually seek a meaningful marriage. As such, they don’t just care for looks and their ability to spoil a woman. Instead, they’re looking for the full package: beautiful, intelligent, understanding, family-oriented, and kind. She is the kind of woman he’ll spoil because he thinks she deserves it.

With regard to their kids, many rich parents can’t help but spoil them, indeed. But a survey has found that affluent parents actually fear their children becoming entitled.

More than growing up with luxury and privilege, rich parents want their kids to be healthy, happy, and have a purpose. They want their children to see their wealth as an opportunity instead of a burden. But many rich parents still struggle with this. As such, Judy Spalthoff of UBS Wealth Management has three pieces of advice for them; don’t give their kids everything they want, teach them hard work and value their accomplishments, and allow them to experience failure.

Take note of these misconceptions next time you feel intimidated by someone rich. If you want to impress them, strive to be their equal in terms of personality, outlook on life, and passion. At the end of the day, the wealthy also want security, peace of mind, and a sense of belonging, all of which a good life partner can provide more than money can.

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