Drain Problems: When Should You Call a Plumber?

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If you’re not sure about something, call someone who knows it better than you. This isn’t a bad rule to follow, especially when you’re feeling a little lost and somewhat wandering around when it comes to facing problems. One of those occasions is when you’re facing a problem with your pipes or plumbing system. They’re tricky to fix, no matter how easy they seem.

But before you find the nearest provider of professional drain cleaning service in Millcreek, Utah or anywhere in the U.S., take a closer look at the problem that’s currently running all over your floor. You might be able to fix it yourself, but here are the reasons you can’t:

A leaky faucet

Don’t call if the problem is something easily fixable, such as replacing the spout or tightening a few joints. You can easily look up the most common problem areas in the bathroom or sink, and a few good twists and maintenance should take care of the problem quite easily, as well as prevent it from happening again in the future.

Do call if the leak is at a ridiculous volume that you can no longer stop it or if the previous approach fails. It could be a problem with your water pressure, and that can take a little more time and effort to fix, not to mention being disastrous for your water bill if you attempt to fix it yourself.

Clogged drain

clogged drain

Don’t call if the problem is on the surface. Things like hair can easily clog the drains and form a seal if not taken away. It’s nasty work, but something that you don’t need to bother your plumber with. Certain household chemicals such as muriatic acid can help with minor clogs and require just a little skill to apply.

Do call if the clog doesn’t disappear after typical troubleshooting. It can be a sign that your sewage system is backed up or something in your piping system has malfunctioned. You’ll need more specialized tools to work with those, in addition to more skilled personnel.

Low water pressure

Don’t call if your shower or faucet head is old. Cleaning it with a mild mixture of vinegar and dishwashing liquid, and a few rounds of scrubbing should be enough to make sure the debris is cleared for the water to flow again. Alternatively, buy a new one and install it yourself.

Do call when the water pressure is not just low but uneven; sometimes strong, sometimes weak. That can be a sign that the actual water line to your house is either damaged or tampered with, and requires a licensed professional to diagnose and fix.

Sometimes, the smaller problems when it comes to our drainage system is something we can easily handle, but for things that are more challenging, it’s always a good idea to call the experts. A good rule of thumb to follow is if the situation seems serious enough to warrant professional attention, it usually is. So, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help. The convenience is always worth the extra cost.

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