Signs that You Need to Call a Drywall Contractor

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Drywall is made up of paper and porous plaster, so it is not the most durable material out there. The material is easy to maintain because it only requires sanding, patching, and stain removal. If you neglect it, however, you might need extensive repairs later. If you cannot remember when you last checked your drywall, you should inspect it to determine whether it needs repairs. What should you look for?

Water Damage

If you notice damp patches or discoloration on your drywall, it is a sign that there is a moisture leak. You have to address the moisture source if you are to solve the problem comprehensively. If you catch the issue early, you would only need to repaint your drywall to conceal all patches caused by the leaks. If the damage is extensive, particularly if your walls have bulged or are crumbling, you should contact reliable drywall contractors in Park City.


If your walls have holes, you should patch them immediately. It pays to familiarize yourself with how to approach the problem to avoid instances of visible patchwork. If you have repaired a specific area multiple times, consider replacing the entire panel. Since holes, whether repaired or not, can affect the structural integrity of your plasterboard, it is advisable to replace the affected panel. Understand that the problems will recur if you do not address the root cause. Some of the reasons include termites and slamming doors.

Cracking and Splintering

Cracks are a sign of misplaced seams. Like the case with holes, you can solve a crack problem by patching. Understand that patching is only a temporary solution. To avoid extensive repairs later or compromising your safety, you should seek the opinion of a drywall repair contractor. Splintering is uncommon when it comes to drywall. However, water damage, settling, or rot can cause splintering along the edges of the material. It is also an indication of aging materials.

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Toxic Drywall

Toxic drywall is harder to catch for most people. Some of the telltale signs of toxic drywall include the smell of sulfur inside your house and failing appliances, especially the HVAC system. If you notice a rotten egg type of smell inside your home, you should consult a professional immediately. If you see a black residue on the copper wires of your HVAC system, it is evidence that there is sulfur. You should also keep an eye for tarnishing silver utensils and jewelry.

Loose Joint Tape

Peeling drywall tape is always an eyesore. In addition to looking ugly, peeling tape can result in severe damage. This is because it opens the way for dirt, grease, moisture, and pests. Drywall tape repair is straightforward. However, you will experience the problem again if you do not address the underlying issue. Unless the peeling is happening due to poor application techniques, you should look out for excess humidity.

Unless you are a contractor, repairing your drywall on your own can mean more damage. It might also expose you to risks, especially if you would be handling toxic drywall. For outstanding results, you should hire seasoned drywall contractors in Park City.

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