For Aspiring Entrepreneurs: What to Do When You Don’t Know What Business to Do

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If ever you’ve experienced being stuck in a dilemma of wanting to do business, but not knowing what to do exactly, then you’re not alone. A greater majority of aspiring entrepreneurs are clueless about which business ideas or opportunities to pursue. The dilemma here isn’t the lack of options or inspirations, but actually quite the opposite: There are so many businesses worth exploring that it’s hard to settle on one.

Here are some strategies you can do when you don’t know which business to pursue:

Find your passion

Yes, its cliché, but it’s a good starting point. In fact, it’s where good business ideas and opportunities emerge. For most people, this is a no-brainer. Even in their middle school, they already know that they’re passionate about baking cookies or doing arts and crafts with kids, and so they put up their own pastry shop and daycare center years later.

For some, finding passion is difficult — in the sense that people don’t know if what they love to do can count as a business. Here’s the thing: With a little bit of creativity, you can think of a meaningful venture out of your passion no matter how out-of-this-world they may be.

Consider the people whose passions including caring and loving cats, putting up cat cafes that are seriously a hit among cat lovers themselves. Even those whose interests are broken dolls are opening doll hospitals. Yes, that’s creepy, but there is such a thing.

Take notes from successful businesses

Observe the existing businesses in your locale and abroad. Get inspiration from them. There’s a good reason they’re popular to their audience and successful in the industry. Try out their products and services and talk to their consumers. Somewhere along the way, you’ll get a Eureka moment, identifying a niche market opportunity or a better way of serving the public.

Another approach here is to ride on the success of existing businesses. Rather than trying to beat them, join them. Explore franchising, for instance. This is a far less risky endeavor than building your business from scratch. Through the training programs of the franchisor, you’ll be able to gain knowledge and skills that would inform you of what to do when you don’t know what to do.

Consider getting a food cart, a house painting franchise, or any profitable endeavor today, which can boost your chances at business success.

Predict the next challenge in an industry

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The most successful businesses today are those that addressed people’s problems. When you don’t know which business to pursue, just think of the next challenges in the industry you’re eyeing. Think of how you can help people overcome those obstacles. That how can now be your business.

Of course, no one can know the future. But, there are indicators today that can give you an insight into the industry’s direction. What’s important is you keep yourself in the loop for changes in the market’s behavior and perspective. Make it a habit to read up on publications. Ask experts in your field. Be updated on social media.

It’s a real struggle not to know what to do in business. At least, you’re sure of one thing: You want to be an entrepreneur. Hold on to that truth, while you follow these strategies as you find your million-dollar idea.

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