How Much Should You Spend On Home Electrical Wiring Installation?

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Home owners in the U.S. should expect to spend an average of $1,319 for electrical wiring installation, although the usual price ranges between $538 and $2,101. Several factors will affect the overall price.

For instance, hiring electrical contractors in Utah may be more or less expensive than a similar service provider in California. The type of wiring, cost of materials and the hourly rate of an electrician also affect the overall price, aside from your location. When choosing a contractor, take time to shop around for rates by asking at least three different service providers.

New Wiring Installation

New homes typically need new electrical wiring, although existing ones can be replaced in older homes. A bigger house will definitely require more wires, which would cost more based on the usual price from $6 to $8 per foot. You may have to increase your budget when planning to add wiring for basements and garages.

An attached garage with electrical power should have a three-way switch that costs at least $5. This would be necessary if you want to use an electrical door. Wiring for detached garages are more expensive, especially if you use it other than vehicle storage. Power capacity for multi-purpose garages may require several circuits, which could increase the price of installation to a total of $2,500.

Extra Charges

Woman giving her paymentPermits, inspections and code compliance comprise some of the extra charges for installing electrical wiring systems. Ask your chosen contractor if their rates already include the cost of permits. When in doubt, it is better to inquire if you need to have prior approval before installing new wires whether for new or existing homes.

Those who want to upgrade their electrical panels may have to secure the necessary permits. New houses should have at least 100-amp panels to support the power load from different appliances. However, consider a higher electrical load to save money by no longer needing another upgrade in the near future. A 100-amp panel costs between $50 and $100 on average, while a 200-amp panel ranges from $100 to $200.

Knowing The System

While you should always consider hiring a professional for electrical projects, it doesn’t hurt to be familiar with the significance of different colors for electrical wires. By knowing the purposes of each one, it would be easier to keep your electrical wiring in good condition.

There are several colors for electrical wires, but these are divided into the “hot, neutral, ground and sometimes hot” categories. For instance, black wires are among the most common and these are used in most household circuits. Black wiring should not be used for neutral or ground purposes, since it should only carry live electrical loads. White or gray wiring is required for neutral conductors, while green ones are used for ground wiring.


Electrical wiring installation is not a common DIY project, so it’s better to delegate this work to a licensed and insured professional. If the budget allows it, choose a 24-hour contractor that accepts emergency calls.

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