For That Longer Life: Ways to Make Your Appliances Last for Many Years

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When things get too busy, people tend to ask their appliances to work a bit harder than usual, especially during special events like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Fridges are overflowing, and the loads of laundry seem to be never-ending.

Sometimes, we get too overwhelmed by our everyday duties that we tend to overlook that annual maintenance that will ensure our appliances avoid that untimely breakdown. While it’s easy to get appliance repair services in Salt Lake City, there are certain things we can do to make sure our appliances at home last longer and won’t need costly repairs.

Major home appliances have a lifespan of 10 years to 13 years. As such, homeowners are advised to start making plans for their next purchase around the nine-year mark. If that’s still far ahead, here are a few maintenance ideas you should keep in mind for your fridges, washers, dryers and laundry machines.

Washing Machines

Get rid of all the grit from the screens that attach the hoses to the laundry machine at least once every year. Most washers come with a manufacturer-recommended capacity, so whenever you use yours, make sure it’s not beyond the limit.

Also, to prevent too much vibration, which can damage the machine as well as your floor, make sure the washing machine is placed on a level and properly-supported subfloor. Even the amount of detergent you use can have an effect on your machine’s lifespan, so make sure to follow the manual about how much you can actually use for every load.

This will also ensure that your machine isn’t working much harder than it should.


After every use, make sure to clean the lint filter thoroughly, so the air keeps flowing freely. Also, do regular checks on the exhaust ducts. This is particularly important when the dryer is unable to heat up sufficiently or takes a lot longer to dry a load compared to normal.

Once a year, clean the duct to prevent lint clogging, which can actually turn into a fire hazard. Also, if you regularly use dryer sheets, use a bit of rubbing alcohol to the clean the moisture sensor strips that can be found inside the dryer. This will help get rid of film buildup, which affects your machine’s performance.


No matter how much leftover you have, make sure your fridge isn’t packed too full. This will help keep the air circulating freely inside and won’t cause the compressor to work beyond its limits. The compressor coils need regular cleaning every few months.

If you aren’t sure where they can be found, look for the manual to find out the coils’ location. Get a vacuum with a soft-bristle brush attachment and start cleaning. When cleaning the door gaskets, never use bleach. Instead, get a mix of mild detergent and water and some soft cloth or sponge.

If your fridge has a stainless finish, you can use the same mixture to keep it in pristine condition. You can also get a stainless cleaner if that’s an easier option.

These are just some of the maintenance ideas for your appliances at home. Happy cleaning!

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