What You Should Know About Proper Carpet Maintenance

Let’s get real. Proper carpet cleaning and maintenance can be a hassle for any home or business owner, yet there’s no denying that it can add warmth and character to any room. And because they come in a variety of colors and sizes, it is easy to find a carpet that would look good in any room.

If you decide to use a carpet in your home or office, there are several things that you can do to ensure that it is well-maintained. You can always choose to hire professionals because they can do a more thorough job and they have the right equipment. There are quite a few carpet cleaning companies out there that you could contact, but here are a few ideas on what you can do yourself.

Use a Doormat

At first, you might think that there is no connection between using a doormat and maintaining your carpet. But dirt and soil particles can increase the wear and tear on your carpet. Placing a doormat by the entrance can be helpful because it reduces the amount of dirt you track inside the room. Be sure to clean the doormat every now and then so dirt doesn’t get in stuck in there, too.

Or Go Barefoot

Removing your shoes before steeping onto the carpeted area will minimize the amount of dirt and bacteria that gets onto your carpet. It can be a bit tricky when you have guests, but hey, they’re not the ones doing the cleaning after all.

Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

cleaning carpet with vacuum

You need to vacuum your carpet weekly to prevent dirt and debris from sinking in too deep where they would be difficult to remove. Consider getting a robot vacuum if you’re too busy.

As an added bonus, robot vacuums can be useful in non-carpeted rooms, saving you lots of time and energy.

Clean Spills Right Away…

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen and you can spill liquids onto your carpet. In case that happens, clean the spill immediately so the carpet will not absorb too much of it, this also reduces the chance of some bacterial growth.

…But Don’t Fall for Ads

There are a lot of carpet cleaning products that supposedly remove stains like magic. More often than not, those products don’t really work and might cost you more in the long run. Be more discerning about what you choose for your carpet cleaning needs. For example, deep-seated stains would require you to hire the services of professional cleaners to ensure more in-depth cleaning. Surface stains can be removed by commercial products and your pantry staples.

Have Your Carpet Groomed

Because of constant use, your carpet might end up looking old and shabby even after you had it cleaned. That’s a normal thing, but if you want to restore it to its original condition, consider having it groomed after cleaning. You might be surprised at how good your carpet will look after that!

These are just a few carpet care ideas that you can try, and if you follow a combination of these small solutions and professional cleaning, your carpet should look clean and fresh for years to come.

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