Four Facts About Weight Training and Weight Loss

Women showing their weight loss progress

A healthy lifestyle includes maintaining a balanced diet, doing regular exercise, getting enough sleep, and allotting time for rest and recreation. Unfortunately, many people are not motivated to maintain all these habits. Because of their busy schedules, they end up not prioritizing exercise.

That should not be the case, however. After all, exercise offers not only physical but also mental and social health benefits. If you are planning to undergo personal training sessions in Seattle, you need to keep yourself motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

Now, learn first about some of the many misconceptions and myths when it comes to body transformation, weight training and weight loss.

Myth #1: Women who lift weights will bulk up

The most common misconception surrounding lifting weights is that women will start bulking up. But the truth is weightlifting does not necessarily turn women into muscled and bulky weightlifters.

With the right amount of training or the help of a personal trainer, lifting weights will help women to tone their body, and increase resistance and endurance. Because women have 10-30 times lesser testosterone than men, they will have a lean body and increase strength without gaining so much muscle.

Myth #2: Weight training will only make you develop muscles, not lose weight

In recent years, weight training has been gaining attention because of its benefits for physical health and weight loss. Weight training helps people to lose weight by burning fats and increasing metabolism. It also strengthens the bones, preventing the risk of osteoporosis.

People who do weight training develop a more shapely physique. Men and women who lift weights gain self-confidence because of the changes they see in their body. They also get to do their chores more easily, such as lifting the groceries, carrying kids and doing housework.

Myth #3: You do not need a personal trainer to monitor your progress

Women about to check her weightPersonal trainers are the ones who can create the best workout program for you, spot for you when you lift weights, teach you the correct form, and keep track of your progress. They can also suggest new routines, including other fun activities like dancing, boxing and yoga, for variation.

Trainers keep you from injuries, too. They also have the ability and knowledge to recommend the right diet plan that will go well with your exercise regimen. They can and will adjust your routine depending on your specific needs and goals. Best of all, trainers know how to maximize your efforts to achieve the best results.

Myth #4: The process is easy

It may not be easy, but consistency is the key. The way to a healthy and happy life is through continually moving forward. However, in any endeavor that people pursue, challenges would always be there. When hitting a slump in exercising, it is easy to say “keep moving forward” but people would always find it hard to do so.

A personal trainer can help you move past your difficulties. They have the skills and knowledge to guide and motivate you to achieve your body goals.

Transforming your body into an ideal and healthy image could be quite difficult. There are numerous exercises to achieve those body goals, but doing it with a personal trainer is far more effective, efficient and easier. The best way to lose weight is to commit to the training and trust the process.

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