Fun and Easy-to-Make Toys Children Can Make

Although buying your children expensive toys can be rewarding, you’ve probably experienced your child playing with the toy for a couple of hours and get tired of it — fast. That’s why it’s best to have them make toys by themselves with little guidance from you, helping them create something fun to play with at the end while learning about design and problem-solving, saving you money while expanding their creativity.

There are things best left to experts, such as having your commercial lighting fixed by professionals and your child bugs you to buy them a new toy at the next door toy store — go DIY.

Here are fun and easy-to-make toy ideas for children to help them expand their creativity and imagination while getting one-of-a-kind toys they get to treasure for years to come.


Make story time more meaningful by adding puppets to the mix. Encourage your child to create puppets to bring life to their favorite characters. Your child can make this simple toy using cardboard, rubber gloves, paper bags, or the classic sock. They take imaginative play to the next level, expanding your child’s imagination and creativity.


A fascinating toy that your child can make is a periscope, using mirrors to give the image of other angles, keeping your child in a constant state of wonder. Your child can make this small toy using a rectangular box, mirrors, and tape. All they need to do is get a small rectangular box, place holes on its top and bottom parts, put the mirrors inside facing the holes at a 45-degree angle (you can help your child at this part).

Water Balloon Launcher

Balloons are always fun, and water balloons add in twice the appeal. A water balloon launcher is a fun way to beat the heat during warmer days, and it’s a fun project that kids can tackle with parents. You need to take two elastic wires, tie them into a balloon holder and a rigid structure, attach a handle to the holder, and place the water-filled balloon in the holder.

Spin DiscToy

It’s no secret that children are always full of energy, and what better way to translate that fun energy into a beloved yet simple toy adored by many kids? The spinning disc toy goes round and round, keeping your kids in a state of wonder for hours on end. This small toy uses a string to spin the button to where it is attached. All your child needs to do is take the string, place the buttons inside, and tie the open ends to close the strings’ loop.

It allows you to use the strings in each hand while keeping the button at the center, creating a movement in the buttons that amaze any child.

Tin Can Drum

Nothing screams fantastic childhood memories than a handmade tin can drum. All your child needs to do is grab a couple of old cans, wash them, place cut-out balloons on top, secure it, and jam away. You can use paper tubes, pencils, or paintbrushes to let them add a personal touch to themselves for the drumsticks. Moreover, since the project involves scissors and possible sharp cans, make sure to supervise your kids to ensure safety.

DIY toys let you welcome your kids to simpler times, keeping them away from tech gadgets and giving them fun solo or family projects that everyone would enjoy. Explore the different types mentioned, using various mechanisms and technology, triggering your children’s curiosity to learn and do more in the future.

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