Side Hustle: How to Choose the Right Second Job

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A side hustle will be a necessity soon with the way the economy is headed towards a recession. It is better to get started on that route now than to wait until more people apply for the job you want.

second job does not need to be a way to supplement your income. It can provide the opportunity to pursue a passion, try a new career, and develop existing skills to a greater degree.

If you’re a trained mechanic or an engineer, you could easily find work on weekends repairing heavy machinery for construction companies or contracting firms. If your background is in communication, there are plenty of copywriting jobs out there in various fields, from business writing to blogs.

In short, the right second job for you is out there, and all you have to do is find it.

Time Management is Key in Having a Second Job

Before searching for a job, ensure that you have the time commitment necessary. Depending on the type of job you choose, the amount of time you dedicate to it will differ. Companies are beginning to hire more part-time and freelance employees on contracts for projects so you could find a job that does not need you to be present within a set time frame.

If you can find a job that allows you to work weekdays at night for a few hours, that still leaves the weekend open for you to spend time with your children. Flexibility matters just as much as income when choosing a second job.

The Most Popular Type is Freelance Jobs

Freelance jobs are preferred by digital nomads and people who value setting their own schedules. Freelance work allows you to work on different projects for varying organizations. You get to choose the job you want, though when starting, it is a good idea to take on fewer projects so that you can form a reputation for efficient and high-quality results.

The most popular freelance positions are for writers, editors, graphic designers, and software engineers. These are flexible positions where the fee can be negotiated to an amount that suits both parties.

The Service Industry Always has Openings

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If your current job involves desk work and you would prefer to interact with people, look in the service industry. Right now, a lot of delivery services are searching for drivers. If you have your vehicle and a good driving record, you could deliver food or packages within your city and work flexible hours.

You could also become a server or a hostess at a restaurant on weekends when they are most busy and collect tips. You could get human interaction without too much movement by applying to a call center for a customer service representative position.

Start with Seasonal Jobs

If you are unsure whether you can manage two jobs, try getting a seasonal job during the slower periods of your current job. Every business experiences some downtime, and you can utilize this to try out having a second job without sacrificing productivity.

Holiday resorts, hiking trail maintenance departments, and tour guide companies offer seasonal work that involves minimal training and good compensation for honest work. You will be outside in the fresh air, meeting new people, and could make good money from tips as well.

Online Teachers Are Always in Demand

Many websites offer handsome remuneration in exchange for teaching English to overseas students. Some sites do not require you to have a specific teaching degree and accept any college graduate with a good grasp of grammar.

These sites usually give you the lesson plan and notes, so you have to follow the existing schedule. There are also one-to-one tutoring sites where you can work with individual adult learners, allowing you more flexibility and less responsibility in maintaining classroom discipline.

If language is not your forte, you can still find people willing to learn whatever you can teach. Adult learners interested in learning everything from baking to plumbing repair are looking for teachers, and you have to find them.

The only thing standing between you and the second job that is right for you is the time it takes to find it. The advent of technology has made it possible for anyone, even an entry-level worker, to find a job that allows telecommuting and flexible work hours.

If you’re an experienced professional in a highly technical field, there are still part-time positions available that can help you earn more while expanding your horizons. Take an honest evaluation of your skills and polish your resume. Your second job is simply waiting for your application.

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