A Safe Haven: Keeping Your Home Safe, Healthy and Child-Friendly


Making your home a safe and secure place is only natural, and it becomes even more important to keep the house healthy when there are children around. Now more than ever the crisis demanded to have the house be cleaned thoroughly to be safe from the virus, and other possible diseases caught from dust and dirt.

Here are some ways you can make your home child-friendly and clean and protect them from sickness.

Be Mindful of Your Home’s Windows

According to studies, about 4,000 kids are sent to the emergency room due to window-related accidents, and this usually includes tripping or tumbling out of the window. It’s important to make sure that your windows are safe enough; like having window bars installed especially if you have toddlers running around the house.

The rows of bars would serve as a guard within the sides of the frames, but is also easily pushed down by an adult in case of an emergency. There is also a tendency for kids to have accidents on the cords of your window blinds, so make sure to keep their rooms away from the cords.

Clean Your Home’s Air Ducts

A healthy child does not mean safety from accidents, but from sickness as well. This is one of the most important things you could do in order to prevent unnecessary sickness within your home. Children exposed to dust and dirt would make them catch colds, or trigger their allergies if they have one.

You can choose to clean the ducts yourself or have the vents undergo professional air vent cleaning in order for it to be cleaned down to the last bit and be properly maintained. You can choose to have the vents cleaned on a monthly basis, so there’s no need to worry about the labor.


Make Sure Chemicals Are Not Within their Reach

Poisoning is one of the primary causes of accidents and injury of children below 5, according to studies. So, it’s important to have chemicals like bleach, and other sharp objects that could potentially harm them away from children’s reach. You can choose to have a cupboard high enough and store all these cleaning chemicals and away from kids, or just choose a safe box or place to store them with only you or the adults having access to it.

Get Rid of Bugs and Pests in the House

Pest infestation could potentially be dangerous even for adults, so getting rid of the unwanted guests in your home could ensure you and your child’s safety by a lot. The pests may be annoying and would cause a scare within the house, but the toxins they bring are much more of a bigger issue. Using pesticides could also be harmful to your children’s health, so experts suggest fixing holes on your floor by sealing them, and making sure your kitchen is always clean and free of any leftover food particles. That is usually when pests start to get drawn in one area of the house and then start to spread.

Being extra cautious with the things inside the house is normal when there are children around, and while it might mean extra work and effort, it’s well worth it to have protection for both the adults and the children living in your home.

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