Rags to Riches: Worthy Lessons We Can Get from Successful People from Poor Families

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Some of today’s most successful individuals were not born with a silver spoon on their mouths. Instead, they sometimes sleep without eating meals and work at such a young age just to fend for their families. They did not have wealthy parents to support their wants. The life of poverty is nowhere near glamorous. But it did teach them valuable lessons that helped them make it big.

Numerous billionaires went from being homeless to owning numerous real estate. Now, they can afford to buy the most luxurious bedroom furniture online, hire their own chef, and even donate to numerous charities without going bankrupt. This is thanks to their multiple income streams and willingness to never stop working hard.

If there are things we ought to learn from such rags-to-riches stories, then some lessons worth mentioning are as follows.

Love What You Do

Leonardo DiCaprio is a well-loved and successful movie actor who grew up in a very poor neighborhood. He was exposed to drugs, prostitution crimes, and violence. But he did not let such a background stop him from acting.

He begged his mom to take him to auditions just so he can pursue his acting career. Because he loves what he does, he honed his talent skills and kept improving himself until he started getting noticed. Even if he kept on losing an Oscar, that did not stop him from acting and loving his passion.

Now, he is not just known for his acting skills and for defending his roles. He is also a film producer who already worked with numerous reputable actors and directors. What made him extremely successful and different is his willingness to do what he loves the most even without receiving rewards.

Use Inner Security From Your Failures

woman codingJK Rowling is one of the most controversial names these days. She is the writer behind many successful books, including Harry Potter novels. She is a philanthropist and recently made headlines for sharing her comments about the trans community.

Nonetheless, she had virtually nothing before making it big. She had an exceptionally short marriage, a miscarriage, and a daughter she had to take care of all by herself. She lived on benefits and her novels were rejected 12 times before getting published.

Instead of romanticizing hardships and poverty, she used her failures to fuel her inner security. A poor childhood, a failed marriage, losing a child, and getting rejected many times should never be enough reasons to give up. Learn from your failures, use them as the foundation of your dreams, and work hard until you reach your dream.

Recognize Your Breakthrough Moment

Did you know that Director James Cameron sold his rights to “The Terminator” for a measly $1 in exchange for directing it? When he pitched the script for the movie, the production companies liked the idea but are not keen on him directing his own movie. At the time, he was living in his car but his main concern was not about the money.

His dream was to direct his screenplay, so he persevered and found a partner in Gale Anne Hurd. Hurd named Cameron the director after buying the rights for $1. He managed to convince the right guy for the right reasons and his movie made $78 million worldwide.

Cameron knew his script was worthy and that he can direct it magnificently despite his lack of experience. He did not give up on his dream and sold the idea to the right person at the right time. You just need to recognize your worth and know when the timing is right so you too can build up your dreams.

Be Ready to Accept Rejections

John Paul DeJoria grew up poor, was once in foster care, and he was homeless twice. But one memory he remembered the most was when his family only had 27 cents. Her mother told them they are rich because they still have food in their fridge and a little garden at the back of their home.

This taught him not to let failures drag him down. He claims that no matter the number of rejections you get, you should always be ready for them. The more prepared you are to accept rejections, the lesser it will hurt you, and the easier it will be to move on.

He was only able to finish high school, slept in his car, and sold anything from Christmas cards to encyclopedias. He kept his mother’s words to heart about never giving up and overcoming rejections. When he found; products that he knew had a potential market, he made the risk, and success followed.

From these four billionaires, we can learn that their willingness to use failure as a motivation helped them succeed and experience more than what they aimed for in the past. This goes to show that successful people are willing to do what other people are not, and that is to stand up after falling to continue persevering despite all the hardships. You too can be successful if you are willing to work hard and won’t let failures define your future.

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