Gardening 101: What you should Know Before Growing a Garden in your Property

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Having a well-designed garden is one of the best home additions that can change the overall outlook of your property. Maximise your outdoor space by growing an edible green lush garden, or designing a new landscape with decorative plants and colourful flowers.

Gardening: A Good Stress Reliever

Many people today enjoy gardening. In fact, people see this home improvement project more of a hobby than a household chore. Several studies reveal gardening or just spending time in the garden can help reduce stress and anxiety. This can also help stir up an individual’s creative juices making them more productive for the day.

It’s Long-Term Commitment

While gardening can be a good recreational activity, take note that this requires time and effort to keep your lawn or garden green and healthy. If you’re just getting started, make sure to do your research, especially about daily maintenance and routine. Be familiar with the plants you choose. Some may have special needs such as weekly spraying of fertilizer or plant booster. Most plants are also sensitive to too much UV exposure and temperature.

Glasshouse: Best Place to Grow your Garden

Plants can be vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. They can be quite sensitive to your location’s climate. Good thing there are now ready-made aluminium glass house available. You can even have them customised to complement the overall design of your property.

Growing your garden in a greenhouse or glasshouse is the best way to maintain temperature and humidity. It allows just the right amount of UV rays, which can help improve optimum growth rate for your plants and crops. During winter or cold season, consider installing LED grow lights. This is necessary, especially for foliage and other tropical exotic plants.

Setting Up your Glasshouse

The key here is to maximise the space of your glasshouse by organising your storage for the plants. You can use detachable racks and shelves to save up some floor space. Proper zoning is also important to help your plants thrive. For example, you can arrange them into neat rows and group your plants according to watering requirements and harvest peak season. Make sure there’s enough ventilation for you and your plants, as well.

If space is not an issue, you can create a potting table with all your tools and equipment. This makes it easier for you to transplant the seedlings to storage containers or pots. Adding hooks and hanging buckets is also a good idea to keep your gardening tools without eating up some space.

Soil, Seeds and Planting

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The good thing about having a glasshouse is you can grow whatever plants you want regardless of the season. This is because you can easily maintain the temperature within the glasshouse despite the climate—just make sure you have a proper lighting system.

The crucial part here is the soil you need to use for the seedlings. Keep in mind that you need to treat the soil before potting the seedlings. The soil should have a good balance of organic materials and other minerals such as peat, sand, and perlite. You can also buy a ready-made solution from reputable landscape suppliers.

These are just some of the things you should know about gardening. Again, do your research and find out more about the plants you want to grow.

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