Things that Every Utahn with an Appliance Should Know

Stainless steel kitchen appliances

More than three million people live in Utah, and most of them use at least one or a couple of appliances daily. These types of tech are necessary to improve their productivity and efficiency, but they might also need maintenance and, sometimes, repair. If you are an appliance owner, these questions and answers will be helpful:

What’s the average service life of appliances?

When it comes to the service life of appliances, there’s no formula that you can use. It depends on many factors. Some brands can last longer than the others, for example.

According to Consumer Reports, the most common appliances last five years or more. Water heaters are some of the longest with the tankless ones possibly lasting for over two decades. Devices for garbage disposal can “live on” for a dozen years, while a microwave oven can be usable for at least nine years.

It also depends on the frequency of use. Washers that have to deal with multiple loads a few times a week may be useful for three to four years only. The more parts there are in tech, the more likely they will need a repair or replacement sooner. Overall, it seems many appliances these days don’t live as long as the older models. On the upside, they are becoming more energy-efficient.

Should you replace or repair an appliance?

Man repairing an oven using a screwThere are many ways to answer this question. If you have a couple of broken appliances, you can consider an in-house repair in South Jordan, Utah.

If you are using popular brands, it’s also ideal to consider a repair first. There’s a good chance the parts are easier to find, and the damage is only but a minuscule to render the appliance 100 percent unusable. You should also go for repair if the appliance experiences a problem for the first time. Most of all, choose it when it is still under warranty.

Meanwhile, replace an appliance if it’s already past its service life. You are better off with a new one that’s more energy-efficient and an upgrade of the older model. When in doubt, always ask from the experts. These include appliance repair specialists and the manufacturer.

Should you get an extended warranty for an appliance?

Appliances can have different kinds of warranty. Some of them may cover only parts but not labor. It’s also possible that the coverage extends only to the most critical components of the appliance. Before buying, it’s essential to know and understand what these warranties are.

Most of these are a manufacturer’s warranty. Depending on the appliance’s brand, model, or kind, it can last for 90 days to as long as five years or even a decade.

Most salespeople encourage buyers also to get an extended warranty, which usually kicks in once the manufacturer’s warranty has already lapsed. The question is, is it a good buy? Consumer Reports believes that it’s not most of the time. Many appliances these days are still reliable.

Second, even if they break down when they’re already out of warranty, the cost of repair will still be cheaper than that of the warranty. Consumers are also more likely to overestimate how much they need, so they end up overpaying for extended coverage.

These days, it’s hard to imagine a Utah life without appliances, but they can be costly if you don’t decide well. Use the information above to guide you in the decision-making process.

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