Grow Adorable Trees Around Your Home Effortlessly

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Trees make a beautiful addition to any landscape, and that can, in part, explain the concerted tree planting efforts in Utah County. With the right selection of trees, homeowners are increasingly transforming their homes into a small paradise.

Of course, there’s also the pride and joy of watching a seedling transform into a mature tree, not to mention the environmental benefits. Most people prefer a mix of evergreen and deciduous trees. The evergreens keep the compound all year round interrupted by bursts of color when the deciduous trees bloom.

Plant them just right

Experts recommend planting trees in September and October as mild autumn weather helps them put down a robust root system before the winter sets in. You also have fewer pests to contend with when the trees are at their most vulnerable.

An extensive rooting system helps the trees survive the winter and achieve healthy and vibrant growth in spring. Ideally, you’ll have three general categories to pick from when looking to plant trees around your home.

You can have shade trees dotting your compound and let their sweeping forms keep you cool during the hot summer months. Boxelder, cottonwood, beech, sycamore, and sourwood will protect you from the harsh rays of the sun.

If you love the idea of waking up to the sounds of chirping birds or buzzing bees, you can’t go wrong with flowering trees. Blooms are a welcome sight in any yard and will last for a month if not longer. Tulips, red buckeye, dogwood, mimosa, and cherry are some of the more eye-catching flowering trees.

If you’re concerned about noise and privacy and wish to give your yard a woodsy feel, the ever-green conifers make an excellent choice. Juniper, spruce, cedar, hemlock, fir, and pine, and yew are excellent topiary candidates.

Get the space right

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Trees come in various shape and sizes, so you have a lot to work with when sculpting your landscape. It’s imperative that pick the tree species that suit the available space to avoid having them bring you misery by the boatload. Large trees on a small yard can damage your house or breed legal trouble.

As a survival mechanism, some tree species develop extensive root systems, and these could damage your home’s foundation and sewer systems. Some grow long branches and could extend into the neighboring properties.

They can also interfere with public utilities such as powerline and have the local authorities breathing down your neck. Thankfully, you have a myriad of ornamental trees to choose from including Hawthorn, paperbark Marple, Elder and Goat willow.

Most of these varieties attain a height of over 10 meters by proper pruning keeps them at the desired level. Trees make a great addition to any landscape where they’re planted as they create a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere.

However, you need to pick the most suitable species and then just right to harness all the benefits they have to offer. You need to match the tree species with the amount of space you have to work with to avoid running into severe headwinds latter.

While many people wish to harness the myriad of benefits that come with having trees on their property, only a few manage to do so. You need to plant them just right for the best results.

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