Holding a Wine Tasting Session of Your Own

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Wine tasting is a fun, exciting way to bond with friends while learning about the new types and brands of this alcoholic drink. You all can share a few things that you know about wine, plus, you can all have a couple of wine and food hampers delivered and have everyone taste your favourites!

Below, we will talk about a couple of things you should take note of when holding a wine tasting event of your very own.

Choose Your Favourites

If you already have a few wines in mind, then make sure to get just those so no bottles will go to waste. If you think that certain bottles will catch your friends’ attention, then buy them but don’t go overboard.

You should also remember to narrow down your wine choices so it would be easier for both you and your friends. Some of the most famous and coveted wines are cabernets, sparkling wines, champagnes, Bordeaux-style wines, Pinot Noir, and wines from your favourite winemaker.

Hold a Blind Wine Tasting for Fun

If you want to add a twist to your wine tasting and make it a lot more fun, then consider holding a blind wine tasting. This will remove all preconceived notions and bias against certain wine labels. Who knows, you and your friends might just surprise yourselves and find a new wine favourite or two!

To hold a blind wine tasting, make your guests taste two or more wines side-by-side to compare their differences and taste. Choose wines that are similar in colour and texture, and make sure to conceal the labels before you begin.

Choose the Glasses That You Will Use

If you want this to look and feel like a true wine tasting event, then you should invest in proper wine glasses. For example, if you are having your guests taste test sparkling, white, and blush wines, then you would want to get glasses that have stems on them, so the heat of the tasters would not warm the wine.

However, if you are serving red wine, then you can use glasses that do not have stems on them. Using the ones with stems on them would still be better, though, as most red wines are best served slightly cold.

Serve a Few Palate Cleansers

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Palates can easily get fatigued during a wine tasting session, which is why it is important to serve a few palette cleansers to refresh it every once in a while. Serve neutrally-flavoured palate cleansers to guests so they can taste all of the wines they would want to. A few of the best snacks include bread, cheese, and crackers. Fruits such as apples are great, too.

Put them in small dishes and place them on the table so guests can easily reach for them whenever they want. You should also place a pitcher of water on the table.

During the wine tasting, pouring the wine all the way to the brim is not necessary. You would want your guests to taste every single wine that’s being served, so go ahead and pour small amounts at once. Enjoy the wine tasting!

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