Protect the Givers from Burnout

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The workplace is composed of givers, takers, and matchers. Takers tend to take success for themselves and claim a bigger contribution to everything. Givers teach, help, and guide other members of the team. They might not always be the most successful in the workplace, but they are what you need to keep operations working without a hitch.

In the workplace, you benefit from having people who think beyond their own needs. However, if you do not take care of your givers, they might experience burnout. Here’s how you can prevent that:

Show Appreciation

Givers do not ask for anything in return when they do something good for others. The mere act of doing it already makes them happy. Still, they cannot keep doing it at the risk of their tasks or well-being. When everyone in the office relies on givers, and no one remembers even to thank them for their help, that’s where problems start. It would not be expensive to give them an ice cream cake or another token of gratitude on their work anniversary or birthday, but they will appreciate it greatly. Australian workplaces are known for being diverse, and these tokens that can be shared with everyone will be a good way for givers to connect with everyone else in the office.

Express Gratitude

They are the best managers and supervisors you will ever have because they think of the betterment of the team and will come up with strategies that will make everyone’s life easier. A taker will be more concerned with accumulating the success of everyone they work with. It would not be a wise move to replace your givers with takers, but if your giver resigns, you might not have a choice. What you can do is give your giver reasons not to leave the office. Express gratitude and acknowledge their contribution to the success of the company. Though they do not seek the spotlight, it would not hurt to train it on them when they deserve it.

Do as They Do

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Having givers in the office does not mean you can act as a taker and let them do more than they should while you reap the rewards. The workplace will be much better if there are more givers, and if each giver does not feel like they are carrying the full weight of business operations. Do your part in keeping the workplace an enjoyable and productive place. Follow the lead of givers and be more generous to your employees whenever you can. This does not mean you have to be a pushover. Of course, bad behavior needs to be addressed and curbed, but you can do more in forming a tight-knit family in the workplace. If the workplace normalizes helping each other and offering a lending hand, everyone will be more grateful that they are part of such a company.

Each employee in the workplace has a role to perform. But beyond their job titles, you should know how they treat each other and encourage giving instead of taking excessively.

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