How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Thermostat?

HVAC technician repairing a thermostat

Homeowners in the U.S. should expect to spend between $107 and $247 this year for each thermostat replacement, but it may cost as low as $50 up to $420 depending on some factors.

The place where you live will affect the overall price. If you live in Utah, the professional rate for heating repair in Salt Lake City will vary among different contractors. Remember that an expert should be the one to handle anything that involves electrical systems at home. The money you save from doing it by yourself will be insignificant compared to the risk of electrocution, damaging the circuit breaker or even the whole air-conditioning unit.

Unit Replacement

Homeowners with modern thermostat units may have to pay more if those are connected to their Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units. A replacement would require the contractor to install new wiring to connect the thermostat with the unit, aside from repairing the damaged parts. Since most service providers charge by the hour, the charges will be higher when the project takes a longer time.

However, it should just take the contractor up to two hours for common repairs. This would cost around $170 for the whole time, but you could find someone who charges at least $65 per hour. Take note that the installation costs will not depend on whether you choose a digital thermostat or a manual unit.

Types Of Thermostats

A replacement is a better option if the cost of repairing an old one costs more than a new unit, especially for newer models. You should consider buying the latest units to save on energy consumption. The upfront cost may be higher, but it makes up by saving money from your utility bill. Avoid buying traditional models that cost between $15 and $35 since these likely contain mercury.

Modern thermostats cost from $200 to $300, and these can be connected to your smartphone. Some may cost more depending on the number of installed features, such as remembering your preferred settings. It may also include an option to monitor the temperature from each room even when you are not at home.

How To Choose The Right One

Person adjusting the thermostatThermostat replacements do not just require you to pick one and install it right away, especially if you have a furnace at home. Homeowners should make sure that it matches the right thermostat system. For instance, low-voltage thermostats are the most common, and these are used for gas forced-air furnaces and electric central air-conditioning units.

Those who have a line-voltage thermostat should use it if they have electric baseboard heaters, while millivolt thermostats are commonly used with direct-vent or top-vent wall furnaces. Consult a professional to find out the best type of thermostat for your house if you still find it hard to choose one.


When choosing an electrical contractor and you ca not decide, you should ask for multiple quotes to compare the best rates. Newer thermostat units such as digital ones connect to the Internet require an expert, preferably a licensed Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning professional.

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