Things Every Homeowner Can Do for Preventive Garage Door Maintenance

garage door lubrication

Every homeowner with a garage should have some idea on how to perform basic maintenance to keep their garage door running smoothly. Here are some of the things you can do yourself to guarantee efficiency.

1. Keep the moving parts lubricated

This doesn’t require any technical know-how, just a bottle of lubricant that you can pour out on the chain, screw, and overhead springs. The opener chain and screws can be worked with using lithium grease. However, the overhead springs need a little more TLC.

You could get your provider of garage door services in Salt Lake City to suggest a special type of spray lubricant that would work on the springs. In many cases, they have this in stock that you can buy directly.

2. Examine the door itself

Check out the door itself on both sides, taking note of any scratches, splinters, or paintwork problems. You’d want the garage door to reflect the quality of security you have in the home. If it’s well kept, that tells people you’ve got sufficient security measures in place, detracting possible home invaders.

You could wash the door regularly using the same products you use for your car – unless it’s made of wood. A mild all-purpose cleaner will do wonders and a fresh coat of paint every now, and the will keep your garage door looking excellent.

3. Check the rollers and replace as needed

man checking garade door roller

Rollers are usually nylon or steel made but no matter what type they are, you’ll have to replace it every seven years. That’s a fairly long time to replace, but you’ll have to check it at least twice a year. The quality of the rollers will guarantee the smoothness of the door as you open and close it.

If it becomes chipped or cracked, replacement can be made by yourself by checking out YouTube videos on the specific brand of your garage door. The exact roller type, however, can be a problem so if you’re having a hard time finding one, you can always seek professional help to cover all bases.

4. Tighten the parts that need tightening

Take a good look at your garage door, paying close attention to the screws or the parts that keep the whole thing close together. These screws can become loose because of the constant motion of the garage door as it opens and closes.

Grab a screwdriver and start reinforcing the tightness of the screws to avoid problems. You can usually tell when something is loose because there will be an unfamiliar sound as you use the garage door.

5. Test the balance of the garage door

You can’t fix an imbalanced garage door, but you should at least know when the door is not balanced. To do this, you should disconnect the opener by pulling on the release handle.

Move the door manually upwards until it’s about halfway. If it stays put, it’s well-balanced. If not, you should call the professionals because an imbalanced door significantly lowers its life.

Of course, you can’t fix everything yourself. If the problem persists or it’s beyond your capabilities — make sure to call a professional. Don’t try to work on it yourself through DIY YouTube videos because you might only spend more afterward.

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