How Much Should You Spend in Utah to Repair a Fireplace?

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Homeowners with fireplace problems in the U.S. should expect to spend $455 on average for repairs, but the actual cost may vary particularly for those who own a custom fireplace in Utah.

Most people may spend between $156 and $755 for everyday repairs, but it may cost up to $1,900 depending on the type of the problem. Even if your fireplace seems to be working fine, regular inspection and maintenance at least once a year should be part of your household budget. If you plan to sell your home, it can also work a focal point of a home staging for potential buyers.

The Common Fireplace Problems

Fireplaces made from masonry materials will crack over time, which could lead to carbon monoxide leaks inside your home. You should have it fixed as soon as possible at the cost of $175 for simple cracks. Otherwise, these small defects could lead to structural damage and may fetch a repair bill of around $3,000.

Cracks also allow water to seep through the walls from the roof, so it can be another problem, especially during rainy days. Resealing breaks from the roof may cost around $150. You could do this by yourself, but a contractor with experience in working in high places would be a better option. When in doubt, it’s best to hire a professional for your own safety.

When to Call a Professional

Some people may still choose to repair their fireplaces on their own, but there are times that expert help is necessary. For instance, you should hire a professional when you see large cracks that measure at least one-fourth inch in size. This may indicate a deeper problem. Another reason involves having a leaning chimney, which could be a safety hazard.

If the problem relates to the fireplace insert, a professional would be more capable of determining the right pipe sizes and proper exhaust installation. Regular maintenance such as cleaning and sweeping also require experts since these are often complicated and messy tasks.

Improve Home Staging

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A home sale also prompts some people to inspect the functionality of their fireplace. The cost of fixing a custom fireplace in Utah will vary from your location. Rates in Salt Lake City may be more expensive than in Sandy and Ogden, as the cost of living in these two cities could be a reason for the lower price.

A remodeled fireplace could even increase the value of your property, although not as significant as a bathroom or kitchen renovation. Still, it would improve the appearance of a new home and attract more potential buyers. Consult an expert on the best way to redesign your fireplace.

In the end, a professional plumbing or roofing contractor is one of your choices for repairing your fireplace, instead of trying to experiment on your own. The money you save may pale in comparison to the damage that you may further cause, and your home insurance may not cover it unlike hiring a professional in the first place.

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