How Much Should It Cost To Hire An Electrician In Utah?

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The cost of hiring an electrician in Salt Lake City may be different than in Provo, but homeowners in Utah should know that the average rate for this year costs $317 for an entire project.

You could just spend between $50 and $100 per hour for simple repairs, but the actual price will also depend on several factors. Aside from your location, the rate may vary based on the required work, the contractor’s experience and their license. Most households usually pay from $160 to $503 in total, but you could spend up more than $900 depending on the project. Electricians may also charge an extra fee for services during emergencies.

Types Of Charges

If you plan to hire an electrician for a consultation or inspection, you should expect to pay more on the first hour. This is particularly true for hiring contractors that are far from your home, as the extra charge helps to cover their expenses on gas and other expenses. Be sure to confirm the appointment and scheduled it accordingly. Some contractors may charge the first hour if you cancel at the last minute, or fail to be at home on the specified time.

In terms of labor cost, residents in urban areas such as Salt Lake City may have to pay an hourly rate of $100. The same applies to Denver, Los Angeles and New York. The rates in major cities are generally more expensive due to factors such as state regulations, taxes, local competition and overhead costs.

Fees Per Task

Woman giving her paymentYou could ask for a bundled rate if you expect a large project to require more time. Otherwise, ask how they charge per task. For instance, electrical repairs on a generator service may cost up to $250 on average. An entire home that requires electrical wiring during renovations may cost between $6 and $8 per foot.

Since smart home systems are becoming more common, electrical work has become more in-demand at the same time. It may cost an average of $1,200 to install this system with the help of an electrician. A licensed contractor may not be necessary for low-voltage systems.

Reasons To Hire An Expert

Your home insurance won’t accept a claim for damages arising from improper handling of repairs, and this includes a DIY project. Even if you claim to be familiar with electrical systems, it’s more likely that electricians still know more about you because of their experience.

Home owners could perform some types of electrical repairs such as fixing sockets on their own, but it’s still better to find a licensed electrician for your own safety. Remember that even 200amps of power can be fatal.


When choosing a contractor in Utah, find one that’s near your home since these are more likely to charge lower rates. Parents, in particular, should spare themselves from the trouble of doing the electrical work, especially if they need to take care of other household chores and tasks. How much are you willing to pay an electrician?

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