How to Avoid Hassles in Your Home

Your home shouldn’t be a source of stress every time you open a room or search through a drawer. But sometimes it seems like a mess appears on its own.

With a few simple upgrades and routine changes, you can see and feel what better living is.

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Consolidation is Good

Creating a system of storage is a big deal. However, if you’re living with other people, your ways of organizing might not align. One person might prefer to sort things by storage and others by function. Whatever you find makes the most sense often isn’t the same for everyone else.

Talk with your housemates and try to agree on common grounds. Shared items are best stored in areas they can be easily accessed. Meanwhile, personal things can be stored in whichever way the owner prefers, just as long as they aren’t cluttered.

An easy way to keep things grouped is with shelving. If you don’t have enough space, you can install them. Some shelving units don’t require drilling and challenging assembly.

Make Doors and Cabinets More Efficient

This step can be applied in a variety of ways. Instead of using heavy wooden doors or flimsy plastic doors to separate common rooms, consider internal sliding glass doors. They make spaces look bigger and brighter. At the same time, they require less space since they open up sideways instead of at an angle.

Make sure your doors, especially for the refrigerator, are sealed well. You’d be surprised at how much more energy you’re saving by letting less cool air escape. The same goes for drawers and cabinets. Drafty storage spaces make room for mold and even dampness.

Another way to make your storage spaces work better is to install sliders. They are less likely to stick and make it easier to open cabinets and drawers.

Don’t Underestimate Labels

Labels don’t have to be so utilitarian anymore. You can even customize them using stickers, chalk paint, or even paint. Not only do they help in organizing your items, but they can also give a personalized touch to your arrangement.

If you don’t like the idea of having labels anywhere at all, don’t fret. You can opt to color-code your items or the shelves or drawers you keep things in. They’re not visible labels, but you would know where an item is.

Knowing what something is at a glance, makes it a no-brainer. Whether you’re looking for or returning something, visual cues are handy.

Maximize Technology

Regardless if you are a millennial homeowner or a senior, tech is your friend. You can either install home devices yourself or get a professional to do it. The advantages of tech-enabled homes are exciting. You can have your heating or cooling systems pre-set. You can control your alarms and lights through your smartphone and so much more. By harnessing technology, trivial tasks are a thing of the past.


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Ensure that your network is secure so that no one else besides your loved ones should have access to it.


A hassle-free home is different for everyone. Don’t be afraid to mix and match old-school solutions with high-tech innovations. Reshaping how you move and store things is the start of a more comfortable life at home.

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