The Importance of Asphalt Repair and Maintenance

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Asphalt is used in a wide range of residential and commercial properties, being known for its durability and weatherproof qualities. Asphalt is also comparably cheaper than concrete.

Whether you are investing in asphalt paving in Salt Lake City for the construction of a house, road, or parking lot, keep in mind that repair and maintenance is important for longevity. Due to traffic and changing weather conditions, concrete surfaces deteriorate over time. Avoid costly liabilities by keeping asphalt pavement in top shape.


This offers protection against elements such as UV light, water, and oil. Its slip-resistant black finish also gives the parking lots or driveways a certain curb appeal. To avoid any costly or unnecessary repairs, keep the seal coating well-maintained. Doing so also extends the pavement life.

Protip: The winter cold affects your pavement’s durability, and damage range from scraping to stripped-off sealing. Reapplication of a seal coat is recommended once the snow melts in order to restore the texture or smoothness of your property’s pavement.

Skin/Surface Patching

Asphalt patching is a cost-effective solution if you notice potholes on your driveway or parking lot. Repairing the potholes also improves your property’s aesthetic appeal while preventing further damage to your pavement. Turn to a reliable asphalt paving company to ensure that potholes are properly filled and will stand the test of time.

Crack Filling

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When done right, crack filling offers a nice curb appeal and optimum traffic efficiency. Because water or moisture can seep through the cracks, the base materials of your pavement will quickly erode. Cracks also result in potholes and structure failure if left untreated. Avoid small cracks from forming new or bigger ones by taking immediate action. Filling cracks should be done on a regular basis to maintain your driveway or parking lot’s structural integrity. You would prefer the economical crack filling over the more complicated, much expensive complete pavement rehabilitation.

Paving Fabric

Built between concrete layers, paving fabric protects the asphalt surface like a barrier against water. It reduces the development of cracks and potholes. Paving fabric is a powerful component in extending the life of your pavement when used in combination with an overlay or brand-new design.

Parking Lot Striping and Marking

Using bright-colored lines, arrows for entrances and exits, flow directions, and handicap signs on parking lots, striping, and marking provide you with organized traffic flow. Experienced and skilled striping contractors use various traffic paints available on the market for parking lot marking and striping, but water-based acrylic paint is the most common choice. Due to its durability, visibility, and eco-friendly qualities, acrylic paints are your best bet for parking lot striping and marking.

Regardless of how well a pavement is designed or built, it would still require repair and maintenance over time. Routine inspection should be done every one to two years because traffic and exposure to elements takes its toll on asphalt, affecting the structural integrity of a residential property, commercial building, or public road. Concrete slabs and pavers may deteriorate, so taking preventive measures is important. Through crack sealing, sealcoating, and asphalt paving in Salt Lake City, you can avoid unnecessary and enormously expensive repairs.

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