Safe and Sound: The Ideal Temperature for the Nursery Room

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One of the things you’ll put into consideration when buying a house (or looking one to rent) is where your little ones will sleep. While it’s normal to give your kids their own room, it’s sometimes worrisome to give one to your baby because you think it’s too soon. Well, having a nursery at home is a preference. If you do decide to have one for your child, then it would be best to make it as comfortable as possible.

Designing a baby’s room isn’t just about aesthetics. In fact, it won’t matter that much to your child. They’re too young to even understand or appreciate the details you’re probably planning to display. It would be best to keep everything simple. What’s more important is the sense of comfort in their space — and for this, temperature matters. A thermally comfortable baby isn’t just a soundly-sleeping baby, but a safe one. Remember: Your baby is and can be sensitive to anything. What’s hot or cold for you isn’t the same with them.

Why Temperature is Crucial

According to health experts, babies have yet to fully develop the body’s natural temperature-regulating mechanism, so they’re unable to cope with changing and extreme room temperatures. You might have heard already of the phenomenon SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome, wherein a baby passes away during their sleep. What many parents don’t know is this is often caused by overheating.


A baby who experiences heat exhaustion doesn’t wake up to respond to what’s happening to them, but instead remains silent. Contrary to popular belief, they might not be able to cry in the middle of the night. Thus, by the time parents pick up their baby and figure out what’s wrong, the problem may have turned for the worse already. It’s then important to pay attention to their room and the baby’s temperature.

The Best Temperature

The temperature recommended for a nursery room is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, so better take note. Moreover, always check and prioritize the maintenance of your heating and cooling units. Get in touch with air conditioning specialists in Park City if you have to. Many Utah companies often have 24/7 services, so you can call them any time of the day, any day of the week. Set your thermostat right; do some trial and error within the temperature range suggested.

Take note as well that thermal comfort depends not just on the AC temperature, but also on their clothing and beddings. During the warm weathers, let them wear something light and avoid putting too many blankets on the crib. During the cold weathers, dress the baby in one layer only. Don’t overbundle them. Avoid putting on hats or bonnets as well, as the head is important in regulating temperature. Keep comforters or quilts away from the sleeping area of the baby, as they might unintentionally slide into such and become overheated.

Before design, temperature matters in the baby’s room. Prioritise thermal comfort to encourage a safe and sound sleep.

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