Making More Out of Life: Why You Should Develop Hobbies

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In today’s busy world, are you finding less and less time to do the things you want to do? Well, research says you should be working on developing a hobby because of their widespread benefits. Colleges are even encouraging students to take up hobbies because of how it could help them develop themselves.

But how helpful are a few hours of basketball or putting a couple of holes in the green? What are the benefits developing a hobby can offer?

Here are seven important reasons for using your free time on a hobby.

1. Helps You Destress

According to a study by the American Institute of Stress, more than 55 percent of people in the United States are stressed every day. This is particularly worrying because of the myriad health problems caused by prolonged stress. These health problems include cardiovascular problems, headaches and elevate blood pressure.

A hobby helps soothe you and slowly removes the stress you’ve been accumulating through the day. It mellows you out and lets you focus on something other than your fears and anxieties. So the next time you feel stressed, why don’t you take out your bobber motorcycle for a spin or go visit the golf club for a few hours on the green?

2. Enhances Cognitive Thinking

Studies show certain hobbies can actually improve how your brain processes information. According to an in-depth study conducted by notable psychologists and neuroscientists, learning how to sing or play a musical instrument, especially as a child, have higher verbal and general intelligence. They theorize that learning music helps develop parts of the brain responsible for memory, mental capacity and problem solving.

If you had musical talents as a child, it’s not too late to enjoy the benefits of your gift. And if you have children, perhaps enrolling them for vocal lessons and training may be just the thing they need to unleash their mental potential.

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3. Keeps You Fit

Medical experts recommend that you should be getting at least 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity every seven days. Failing that, you should try to aim for 150 minutes of a moderate physical activity. Physical activity helps keep your muscles limber and prevents them from atrophying. Exercise is also a great way to burn excess calories and stay in shape.

Plenty of hobbies can help you pass by 75 minutes of rigorous activity in a fun way. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in America, and all you need to enjoy it is a ball, a flat surface and a couple of hoops. If basketball isn’t to your liking, maybe you’ll prefer bowling. Pick a sport to your liking and use that hobby to stay in great shape while having fun.

4. Improves Your Social Life

Hobbies can help you form interpersonal connections with other people. Depending on your hobby, you can find others who have the same interest as you do. If you enjoy hunting, there are lots of people who like to trek into the woods and track down animals for sport. If you enjoy basketball, you can find plenty of sports enthusiasts who aren’t just willing to discuss the finer points of the game but also would probably enjoy shooting hoops with you.

Finding people who share your hobbies allows you to grow out of your shell and develop the skills necessary to communicate effectively with others. This benefit can help you gain more confidence and make new friends who like the same hobbies as you.

5. Makes You Organized

Most hobbies need organization in one form or another, be it scheduling or arranging the tools you need. For example, if you enjoy painting, you’ve probably developed a process through which you create your art. Book lovers sometimes develop their schedules and form routines, so they can enjoy a couple of hours curled up with their latest read.

No matter what hobby you enjoy, it’s going to help you become more organized, and this trait can help you succeed in your day-to-day life. Your artistic process might help you finish work faster or maybe you can put your scheduling skills to good use as an event planner.

6. Makes You More Interesting

Finally, hobbies give your life some spice and makes you a more interesting person. It gives you depth and lets you explore facets of yourself you normally don’t get to develop. If you work in a stuffy office most of the day, your basketball games may let feel free and refreshed. It can help give you something to talk about other than your day at work. Hobbies don’t just make you interesting to other people, they also let you become more interested in developing yourself.

The next time someone disparages your weekly golf games or nightly sessions shooting hoops as “just as hobby,” tell them hobbies are what makes people interesting. Hobbies let you develop yourself in ways few activities can and you should enjoy them as often as you could.

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