Must-Have Machines for Concrete Paving

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Focusing on the construction of high-quality structures is essential. This is the only way to guarantee referrals and repeat business for your business. It is also among the best forms of advertising for construction companies nowadays. These are all imperative for profits with today’s cutthroat competition in the construction sector. The outdoor areas of your construction are as equally important as the primary structure. Key among these are the pavements.

Most pavements are nowadays made of concrete. The heavy lifting of these bags and other things for your pavement’s construction call for the use of safety hats for construction to protect people’s heads. Other than the safety of your workers and visitors, you should have the right equipment to ease the construction and guarantee a durable and beautiful pavement. Here are some of the must-have machines for building concrete pavements.

Milling Machines

When constructing concrete pavements, the top layer of the existing surface will be milled off. This is done to generate a relatively smooth surface for the laying of new pavement. Milling can also be used for the removal of a distressed finish from an existing surface. Milling machines are the main ones used for these tasks. Milling, when laying pavements, will allow the maintenance of gutter and curb lines and generate a skid-resistant surface for temporary traffic use.


This can be used instead of milling machines when the base of the existing pavement is gravel or dirt. Graders are heavy machines with large blades that flatten a wide surface for the placement of asphalt. They will also suffice for the setting of soil foundations for the construction of large structures. The grader types primarily vary in the size of their blades. It would help if you thus matched the blade of your grader to the pavement size you are constructing.


These are used to clean the surface for laying the pavement after it has been graded or milled. Sweeping is essential to get rid of excess debris and dirt that might prevent the binding of concrete to the base layer. Large debris also results in the non-uniform compaction of a pavement. Conventional sweepers will have jets under a truck’s body. These jets spray water into the surface to loosen particles and reduce dust. Cylindrical broom-like brushes then sweep the dirt and transfer it through a conveyor belt into a storage container inside the truck.


man paving concrete with roller machine

These are used to compact the concrete on the pavement after its laying. By creating considerable stress between the ground and the compressed concrete, the machines leave you with a leveled and durable pavement. Pneumatic-tired and steel-wheeled rollers and paver screeds are the standard machines used for the compaction of concrete pavements.

Without the above machines, constructing the best concrete pavement will be hard, if not altogether impossible. Not all construction companies, however, have enough funds to buy these machines and maintain them. Moreover, for companies that are not niche builders, the machines might stay idle for a long time and prove non-profitable. In both cases, you can still benefit from these machines on your site by hiring them.

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