Nihon No Tabemono: Reasons People Love Japanese Food

Sushi Set sashimi and sushi rolls served on stone slate

Wherever you are in the world, you are bound to find a Japanese restaurant. It seems that this particular cuisine is one of the major representatives of Asian food culture. The dishes that enveloped within this cuisine are something that is worth trying. It goes toe to toe with other Asian cuisines, such as Chinese and Thai. And it can even hold its ground when facing culinary giants from the likes of Italy. Why is Japanese food popular? There are many reasons that will justify that Japanese cuisine deserves the reputation it receives. And sometimes, these reasons are already obvious—one does not just take time to notice.

The appeal and allure of Japanese food have even captivated enterprising people and business-minded individuals. Many choose to start a Japanese restaurant to attract expats and adventurous people. Owning a fast-food franchise is even centered on this decision. With the popularity of Japanese food, you are sure to secure a good deal of earnings. If you are thinking of starting a restaurant, here are some of the things that will convince you that Japanese food is one of the best cuisines.

Japanese cuisine focuses on the freshness of ingredients

One of the best things about Japanese cuisine is the fact that it uses a lot of fresh ingredients. Fresher ingredients tend to retain their flavor even when cooked or mixed with other ingredients. This is something that you can observe when looking at dishes, such as sushi and sukiyaki. The same discipline can also be observed in Korean cuisine and some variations of Chinese cuisine.

When fresh ingredients are used, the taste of the food tends to be clean and delicate. One observation that you may have when eating Japanese food is that most of them are prepared in a way that will help with digestion. Some dishes are rich in fiber, and some side dishes are fermented.

Presentation is everything

The way the food is presented is something that directly affects appetite. If you want to have a great dining experience, the food that you have should be beautifully prepared. Food aesthetics in Japan is a big deal. Their modes of preparations are based on certain principles that value balance. Just look at their bento boxes. Food items are segregated and are decorated with edible ingredients. Japanese moms and dads also take their kids’ bento seriously. They prepare them in a way that will inspire their kids to consume what they have cooked.

The flavors are adventurous

Salmon sashimi with bokeh

The flavors of Japan are pretty adventurous. They use unlikely combinations to come up with something that tastes wonderful. For one, who would have thought that Japanese mayonnaise will taste good with teriyaki sauce? The spiciness and tanginess of wasabi perfectly complement the strong flavor of soy sauce and the rawness of the sushi.

Japanese cuisine is a wonder itself. It is not just a collective of dishes and food. It is a set of cultures, traditions, and a rich history. And all these things are among the factors that make Japanese cuisine more than delicious and interesting. There’s definitely more to it than sushi and takoyaki. It is a broad discipline that has a wide range of choices.

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