Parenting 101: 3 Out-of-school Interests for Children

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For many parents, they want their kids to do well, if not excel, in school. This is understandable as education, after all, is key to having a successful future. Sometimes, though, academic excellence is not enough to ensure a child’s future success. Being well-rounded is just as crucial for any kid to eventually become successful.

So how can parents help ensure that their children grow up to become well-adjusted individuals? Well, you introduce them to different interests. Read on for three of the most common non-academic activities you can get your kids into.


First, there is music. Your kids are probably already exposed to music—they listen to music on the radio, TV, or the Internet at home, on the bus, at school, etc. But why let your kids simply listen when everyone has the potential to also create music? If you think they’re interested, you can buy your kids musical instruments (maybe used ones if you can find some in good working condition) like a guitar or keyboards and let them learn how to play on their own. And if they show real interest and great potential, you should also consider having them take singing, piano, guitar, or drum lessons taught by professionals. Don’t worry about the enrollment fees as there are many affordable yet quality music classes out there.


Second is the different sports. Because kids love to play, you shouldn’t have a hard time convincing your children to actually engage in sports, and not just watch them on TV or play them on video games. For starters, you can just play sports at home to get them interested. You can, for example, set up a basketball hoop on the driveway and challenge your kids to a game of H-O-R-S-E. Taking them to the neighborhood court or field where they’ll get the chance to play with other kids is also a great idea. If they’re up for the challenge, sign them up for a community league team as well, so they can experience organized play.


Third, you have the arts. This interest will probably be the hardest to introduce to children because it’s not every day that they get to see quality art. That’s what museums and books are for! But aside from going to museums and showing them art books, what you should really do is allow your children to dabble in art. Buy your kids paintbrushes, watercolors, scissors, tubes of glue, etc., and let them get their hands dirty creating their own art. If you’re into art yourself, you can also work together weaving baskets, making clay pots, or finishing whatever art piece you’re creating. And of course, your kids would greatly benefit if they enroll in art classes.

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Help Your Kids Become Well-rounded

If your kids are doing well in school, then great, but they should also have interests outside of school to grow up well-rounded. And it’s your responsibility as parents to ensure that they’re exposed to different interests, which will surely help them be successful later on in life.

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