Practical Strategies for Remodeling an Old Garage to a Playroom

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Play is integral for the development of children. It might prove as a challenge when you have no spare room inside the house for them to play. If you have an unused garage, the possibilities here are endless. You can turn this idle space into a place of entertainment without having to break the bank. Here are some practical things you can do.

Prioritize Safety

Two essential things one has to focus on are safety and comfort. Garage door repair is in order if you want to turn your old garage into a playroom. An old door may be rusty or broken, which compromises the security of the kids. Also, a high-quality door will help improve the insulation inside the room. You do not have to worry about the children being too cold or feeling stuffy.

An uneven or rough floor may also pose some danger to an active toddler or preschooler. You may look around for affordable carpets or rubber mats in thrift stores. You only need to create a padded area where you know your child can explore without getting hurt.

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Paint a Conducive Atmosphere

Paint is a very affordable element to turn a place into a conducive environment. Whip up your paintbrushes and have some vibrant cans of paint ready. You can have the playroom painted in your children’s favorite colors. Some colors even boost creativity and imagination.

If you are feeling craftier, you may want to incorporate a theme in your playroom. It could be a safari, under-the-sea, or a fairyland. Painting the walls with small details will make your child happy. It will also keep them occupied as they imagine being away in different places.

Pack the Place with Fun

The main idea of a playroom is to have toys and activities that will help children develop. You do not need to buy expensive ones as you can have DIYs. The internet is full of ideas for toys that one can do with simple and refurbished materials. They range from sensory toys, handheld ones and even bigger ones like slides. Tents from blankets can also serve as fortresses for young children.

Make sure that your toys or activities are age-appropriate. Do not leave out fun when thinking of what you will put inside the playroom. It is also important not to overwhelm your child with the number of toys they interact with. Quality must be above quantity.

Prepare Storage Spaces

One thing that a playroom can teach a child is responsibility. You can reinforce this good habit by teaching your child to pack away their toys. This is possible if there is enough storage available. Storing toys also yields to more floor space, which is sometimes what an active child needs.

Colorful bins and wooden crates are available in flea markets. You can even spot some lockers or upcycled cabinets in such places. You only have to refinish them.

Provide an Adult Corner

Playing is not about leaving a child on their own for hours. Adult supervision makes a large difference in how a child understands his playtime. An adult corner in the playroom is a must. Make sure, though, that your presence would not feel too meddling. You can settle with a table and chair that you have pulled out from the main house. Even a blanket spread at a certain space is acceptable.

A playroom is not an exclusive treat for children of wealthy families. With a little research and creative execution, a playroom is attainable for any child.

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