How to Save Money on Your Home’s Plumbing

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For your home’s plumbing, you can take particular preventive measures to help you stay on top of the family budget and avoid unnecessary water loss. From keeping your pipes in great condition and reducing your daily water use, reducing your water bill and conserving water, while you’re at it, is actually easier than you may be thinking.

Be Vigilant About Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Mainly, avoid putting fruit pits, celery, banana, poultry skins, and other garbage that isn’t garbage disposal-friendly down the disposal. These cause debris buildup and result in foul odors and blockages. Avoid putting bones down the disposal as well since these damage the grinding chamber’s side portions over time.

Watch out for Dripping Taps

Even just one dripping tap could waste 15 or more gallons of water daily and increase your water bill by $100 per year. So make sure that all taps are closed all the away. Make sure to have a faulty tap replaced or repaired right away.

Opt for Low-flow Showerheads

Installation is fairly simple and low-flow showerheads use less water than the average 42 gallons used when showering with a standard showerhead. Consider setting a strict shower time limit for the entire household as well.

Have Leaks Repaired as Soon as Possible

To check for hidden leaks, check the water meter. If it has changed even after you’ve not used any water for some time, there’s a chance that you may have a leak somewhere. Consult your local plumbing company if you suspect a leak.

Some people assume that drips will just stop, but most little drips get worse in time. Plus, when water sneaks into the floors or walls, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in repairs.

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Watch out for Certain Toilet Noises

Gurgling toilet sounds and wet marks near floor drains are usually early signs that the roots underneath are growing and putting undue pressure on pipes. So if you hear your toilet gurgling, it’s best to consult a plumber before your pipes burst and you’re left with a more serious and costly problem.

Be on the Lookout for Toilet Leaks

To check if a toilet leaks, place a drop or two of food coloring inside the tank. Check the toilet after 10 or 15 minutes to see if the color has seeped into the bowl. If it did, then your toilet is leaking.

Keep Oil and Fat Out of the Drains

A lot of homeowners mistakenly think that dumping hot oil and grease down the toilet or sink is perfectly fine. You can’t throw it in a garbage bag anyway. However, when those oils cool and solidify, it will stick to the pipes. This buildup, over time, will block the pipes. So instead of pouring down grease into the drains, allow it to cool down and solidify, and then place it in a garbage bag.

These simple steps could save you a significant amount of money on emergency plumbing jobs and water bills in the long run and prevent you from throwing money down the drain.

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