Women Can Be Both Ambitious and Feminine: Breaking the Image of the Career Woman

This is an era that has opened doors for women. Unlike in the past, women have started to take over the male-dominated position in the workplace. However, there is a certain expectation that they are expected to meet, and one of them, one of them is maintaining a professional look.

Though fashion is important, as a career woman, you should not put all your focus on the way you look that you forget to perform. Here are some tips on how to be both ambitious and feminine.


It does not matter how qualified you are or the job you are doing; the lack of confidence can lead to your career suicide. Keep in mind that as a woman to get a career among the numerous criticisms and stereotypes is not easy, especially for those working in a male-dominated field.

However, that should not make you self-doubt yourself. Confidence is critical, and if you lack it, you might miss out on opportunities. If you are working as a leader, think of the ways ladders act, look, and think and make use of your feminine side to thrive.


As a woman, you might want to dress in a manner that allows you to be yourself. However, when working, keep in mind that you are representing your employer’s appearance. The way you dress and present yourself will directly reflect on your employer. If the office you are working in is conservative, put aside your flair for style and get into the required look.

If you understand the dress code of your employer and adhere, you can open opportunities to climb greater heights in your career. However, you can try to revamp the dress code to suit your taste without going off the required dress code.



Women are known to love their hair, and that is why they always strive to ensure that their hair looks great. However, most working-class women feel that the best way to do their hair when in the office is to hold it back. While that might be the simplest way to do it, note that it is not the only option. If you visit your trusted hair salon, the staff will guide you on how to style your hair for the office without going overboard.


Jewelry is essential as it is a way that you can use to express yourself. There is no rule against career women having accessories unless you are working in a facility like a hospital where ornaments are not required. Even so, you can have jewelry with you to and fro work and only remove them when you are scrubbing in.

However, note that the workplace should be official, and for that reason, you should avoid wearing noisy trinkets. When going to the office, it would be better if you wore no jewelry than wear too much of it.

Being a career woman is not a license for you to hide your feminine sides. The only important thing is to make sure that you do not overdo it. Stand out as a woman and still be presentable. Keep in mind it is possible to be both ambitious and feminine.

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