Teen Health: Hygiene and Wellness Guide to Follow


Teens are a lot more independent than young kids, and by this age, they usually don’t like being ordered around anymore. Hence, teens can be vulnerable to bad habits simply because of the sense of freedom it gives them.

If you’re also a teen who’s starting to be a little reckless, it’s a good thing that you’re acknowledging that. Aside from worrying about the potential habits you might adopt, consider your health, too. Your health can be related to your practices. Smoking, for instance, affects your lungs, teeth, gums, and other organs. It also gives you a foul breath, which can thwart your self-esteem.

Many of the things you do or don’t do can have an impact on your well-being — physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you don’t address your bad habits today, you might suffer the consequences in your adulthood. So use this hygiene, health, and well-being guide to enjoy your teenage years without regret:

Teen Hygiene

Teens tend to be fixed on their hobbies that they forget basic self-care. Avoid the embarrassing results of neglecting hygiene by always doing the following:

  • Brush Your Teeth At Least Twice Daily

Forgetting to brush your teeth once is tolerable, but making it a habit is worrisome. Hence, brush your teeth immediately after eating so that you won’t forget it when another thing distracts you.

  • Shower or Bathe As Often As Needed

Shower or bathe every day or every other day. You can also shower twice each day, once in the morning and once at night. This is important, especially if you’re physically active. Going to school with yesterday’s grime still on your body will do you — and anyone who will get close to you — no good.

  •  Trim Your Nails

If dirt starts to gather underneath your nails, that’s a sign that you need to trim them. Teen girls may prefer growing their nails to put nail art on them, but do this in moderation. Besides, some schools may not allow those. Focus on having clean and trimmed nails for now. Nail polish and art can wait until the break.

  • Use Deodorant and Cologne

Deodorants are a bit controversial because of their risks for causing cancer. But the American Cancer Society didn’t find a clear link between breast cancer and the aluminum in antiperspirants. Take note: Antiperspirants aren’t necessarily the same as deodorants. Deodorants remove odor from the underarms, while antiperspirants control sweating. But some antiperspirants come in the deodorant form.

That said, you don’t need to worry about your health if you use either. Complement your deodorant or antiperspirant with cologne to enhance your scent. Try to avoid cheap cologne because they can smell too strong. Opt for subtle but refreshing ones.

  • Wash Your Hair Regularly

Once the oils on your scalp get clumpy, wash your hair. Oily locks mixed with sweat can release bad odors. It also causes bacteria to build on your pillows or clothes.

Teen Health

Teens are also known for being abusive toward their bodies. Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you’re invincible against diseases. Stay healthy through the following:

  • Get Regular Dental Checkups

When all of your permanent teeth have grown, they’ll also move as you continue to grow. This is when you might start to notice bite problems or crooked teeth. Visit a trusted orthodontist regularly to have your major teeth problems treated early on.

  • Eat Right and Exercise

If you have a sweet tooth, try sugar substitutes like honey, applesauce, and more. This will lower your risk for diabetes. Similarly, if you’re into fast food, watch your intake because it’ll increase your cholesterol levels.

Burn whatever you eat by exercising regularly. Playing a sport or walking daily is a good form of exercise, apart from working out. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Don’t abuse your body’s ability to stay functional even if you have no sleep. Learn time management skills to avoid sacrificing sleep for schoolwork or leisure.

Well-being Guide

Teens can be vulnerable to mental health issues, self-confidence issues, and body-image issues. Menstruating adolescents, for example, can be easily embarrassed during their period. If you are the same, learn as much as you can about periods. They are not something to be ashamed of because they indicate a healthy reproductive system.

Surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart. Those are friends who are good influences in your life. They keep you on the right path and uplift you. They can also be your family when your own is absent.

With a proper self-care regimen, health routine, and positive forces in your life, your teenage years will be filled with happiness. And it’s not short-term happiness, which you get from harmful substances. Instead, it’s happiness that’ll last a lifetime.

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