Using Metal for Your Custom Boat

If you have a passion for sailing, you should consider having a boat custom-built to your specifications. With all the options out there, it may seem like an unnecessary expense. But owning a custom boat is a great way to personalize the experience.

If you’re building one, then you should seriously consider using metal as the main material. Here’s why:


The main thing you will want to get metal materials for your custom boat is because it is very durable. The other choice that you have is either fiberglass or wood. Both can be tough in their own right, but they can’t beat the metal options. There are two main options for your boat when it comes to metal: steel and aluminum.

Steel is tough in its way and is very affordable. However, it has one problem that is bad for boats: it is susceptible to corrosion. Unless you apply a proper coating to it and reapply it regularly, you can expect a rusty boat soon. Aluminum, on the other hand, is resistant to corrosion. The problem is that it is flimsier than true steel. It can also be expensive.

Simple to Build

One of the great things about working with metal is that it is easy to assemble. Whether it is steel or aluminum, metal fabrication experts in Utah and other states

Computer Ready

In the past, the main difficulty with working with metal is that getting the materials ready was difficult. Wood and fiberglass were easier to shape into the required shape. Now, computer design allows you to work on your boat on the computer first. Then you can send the design to the fabricators; they have the equipment to make your design a reality. You can even look around for some stock plans online and modify them in the way you want.


It may sound surprising but metal boats are more earth-friendly than wooden or fiberglass ones. This is because the steel or aluminum that you use for the boat can come from recycled sources. Recycling plants melt steel and aluminum scraps from the junkyard to produce the metal sheets for your boat. No need to cut down any trees or fabricate a fresh fiberglass hull. If something does happen to your boat and you need to scrap it, it can go back to the recycling plant again.

Work with experts to make your custom boat a reality. You’ll want it to be durable and perform well on the water, which is why the advantages discussed above should be on top of your mind. A solid metal boat may seem strange, but the results will be impressive.

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