Warning Signs That You Need to Call in an Electrician

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Your electrical systems are likely to become faulty without warning. In some instances, the faults are obvious. Unless you are an electrician yourself, attempting to fix different types of problems would be dangerous. In addition to accidents, electrical failures can cause extensive damage, especially where fires occur.

Avoid possible damages to you and your property by identifying some of the signs that you need to call in an electrician.

Flickering and Dimming Lights

The flickering and dimming of lights usually happen when you utilize multiple appliances at once. If your appliances require a huge amount of power to run, they can interrupt lighting fixtures on the same circuit. If connecting all appliances to their own circuits does not solve the problem, it is time to contact a reliable electrician in Ogden. The right electrician would help determine whether you need new circuits or whether your wiring is faulty.

Frequently Tripping Circuit Breakers

Whenever there’s thermal overload, the trip unit, which is a part of a circuit breaker, opens the circuit. An open circuit will then not conduct electricity. This helps prevent the overheating of wires, which might result in fires.

When the circuit breaker trips frequently, however, it becomes an inconvenience. It can also mean losses, especially if fuses blow each time circuit breakers trip. Tripping shows that circuits are drawing more current than they should, which is proof that they are faulty. When you notice this, it’s time to have an electrician replace your circuit breaker.

Hot Outlets and Switch Plates

Electric outlet in white backgroundThere is something wrong with warm outlets and switch plates. If you notice that the outlets and switch plates are abnormally warm when using your electronics, it is advisable to contact an electrician. Anything that does not stay at room temperature proves that something is wrong, usually because of incorrect wiring or overloading.

Other things to watch out for include mild shocks, burning smells, and discoloration on switch plates. Burnt wire ends should be a cause for concern, too. Addressing such issues in time helps avoid electric shocks and possible fires.

Buzzing and Sparking

All of your switches and outlets ought to be silent irrespective of the electronics you have plugged in. In case you notice sizzling, crackling, or buzzing sounds, you should turn off your electricity immediately.

The presence of sparks is common with buzzing switches and outlets. It can also happen in your fuse box and breaker panel. Do not assume that it is normal no matter how brief it is. Sparks mean that there is a high potential for an electrical fire. This makes it important to call in a licensed electrician right away.

Excess Extension Cords

You are at liberty to use extension cords. When they become too many, however, they become safety hazards. Excess extension cords show that you do not have enough outlets in your home. Many cords usually overload outlets, which can lead to electrical fires. There is also the risk of tripping over these cords. An electrician can install more outlets, which helps prevent accidents and other inconveniences going forward.

If your home is old, your electrical system might need an overhaul. To avoid unpleasant surprises later, it is advisable to hire an electrician to inspect the system for age-related damage.

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