What are dental implants?

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Dental implants Herefordshire are deemed as the best possible form of tooth replacement within the modern world of dental care. Dental implants are composed of three vital aspects which work to not only restore the physical function, but also the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. These aspects are firstly the implant serving as the root, the connector or abutment and the crown. Many individuals may be familiar with the term ‘dental implants’ despite this however, they may be unsure of whether this particular form of restorative dental care is right for their smile.

Deducing whether dental implants are right for a patient

At many modern dental clinics within the fields of cosmetic and restorative dentistry a patient-centred dental approach is now being adopted. This patient-focused dental approach essentially ensures the dental healthcare professionals treat every individual dental case as completely unique, this consequently leads to the best possible results for the patient.

Missing teeth can cause havoc within the mouth

For individuals who are suffering from the loss of one, two, or possibly even a whole row of teeth within the mouth, dental implants could be the ideal solution for the restoration of their smile, but what are the disadvantages of missing teeth for a patient?

Did you know?

Many individuals may suffer from depleted levels of self-confidence after losing one or several teeth, however there are also many other negative consequences of absent teeth within the mouth. In addition to feeling insecure, patients may also experience varying levels of oral discomfort (or possibly even dental pain), when attempting to partake in daily dental tasks that many individuals may take for granted pre-tooth loss.

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Are there other consequences for patients with missing teeth?

Yes! In addition to feeling self-conscious, and experiencing dental discomfort or pain, absent teeth within the mouth can also act as a breeding ground for oral bacteria. An open gum space between a patient’s set of teeth can welcome the accumulation of plaque, and tartar which can lead to the development of more serious dental concerns such as dental diseases and infections, one example of which being gum disease.

So what are the causes of missing teeth?

Missing teeth can unfortunately occur for a wide array of reasons. An individual may suffer from tooth loss due to an accident such as falling off a bike, or being involved in a car crash, and many patients may experience gum disease and other oral infections which can lead to tooth loss. However patients who are suffering from gaps within the mouth need not fear! Many modern and accommodating dental clinics are now embracing the latest advancements within dental technology. With the use of a small titanium implant placed in the jaw, after healing, an abutment and crown can be added to give a fully functioning tooth. The same technique can be used to stabilise bridges and dentures.

For patients feeling anxious prior to their dental implant appointment

Despite common misconception, dental nerves, anxiety, and even more extreme ‘dental phobias’ are not just experienced by children, but they are also extremely common in adults too! Dental anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of and is something that the majority of modern dental practices boast a wealth of experience with. If you are a patient who is holding any worries or concerns, or is generally feeling anxious prior to their initial consultation, then it is suggested you get in touch with your local clinic to discuss any fears you may have to set your mind at rest.

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