Why We Should Take Care of Our Grandparents


Our grandparents have been there for us since we were young. They were the ones who hide chocolates in our pockets and give us treats whenever our parents aren’t looking. Our grandparents were the ones who acknowledged every little thing we do. They cheered us on and were our number one supporters from the beginning.

Our grandparents used to be our protectors whenever our parents weren’t that forgiving. We grew up with their love. How they always try to cook for us. How they say that we are so skinny, that is why we should eat more and more.

They’ve Been There for Us

But as we grew older, we slowly forget about these amazing people that became our foundation of who we are today. We must remember that they were the ones who loved us so endearingly, and they still do.

Let us not forget those nights when our grandparents told stories about their time and how intrigued we were. They are the best storytellers any kid could know. They never ran out of stories to tell. Every story had a lesson, which is one of the things that our grandparents can give us.

We learned from their life experiences through their stories. We learned great values and grew up to be respectful because of them.

They Cared For Us

We must remember how worried their faces were when they found out that we are sick. Or even seeing us eat less would worry them. They cared for us. Our parents do that, too, but a grandparent’s love for their grandchild is different.

They love us deeply. Our grandparents would make an effort into baking a pie for us or fixing our broken toys. We must remember how Grandma’s pies were the best. And how Grandpa fixed all our toys and even made us new ones.

It is also a fact that our grandparents need us as much as we need them. They are always looking for their beloved grandchildren. To spoil us, to compliment us, and spend time with us. Often, they are always searching for us. They want to know if we’re healthy or if we’re eating and sleeping well.

As we grow older, our distance from our grandparents also grows. We engage more in a society with people about our age, and we slowly forget that we have our grandparents waiting for us. Sometimes, we forget them.

We need to know that we must take care of our grandparents now that they’re done taking care of us. It is our turn to return the favor, and here are three tips on how to do it.

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1. Make Them Feel Loved

Like how they used to make us feel, we must also make our grandparents feel important. That we love them and that we care for them. You can do this by bringing them to restaurants to eat and hang out.

You can buy them gifts or write them letters. But most grandparents don’t really count on the materials things. All they want is for us to visit them at least every weekend. They want to know that we are still thinking of them. And that is what we must do.

2. Spend Time with Them

Spending time with our grandparents is also another way to show our affection to them. You could go to the massage spa with your grandmother. Or you could play golf with your grandfather. You can even go fishing on the weekends. These activities are ways of spending time with your grandparents. The more you spend time with them, the more they feel loved.

Simple activities like knitting a scarf in front of the fireplace or playing chess with your grandpa. Or you can take them to the hair salon. To give your grandpa a haircut and your grandpa a hair spa.

You can also take them to the dentist to give them new dentures. Find the best ones for your grandparents. You need to treat them to places with great services like what they did to us when we were young.

3. Monitor Their Health

Our grandparents are not getting any younger. Their body will slowly get sick. That is why we must monitor their health. Having a family doctor can help a lot in this situation since you can get your grandparents a general checkup whenever it is needed.

It would be best to encourage them to take vitamins and eat healthy food to maintain their body. Let them engage in small exercises like walking in the park and stretching in the morning.

Our grandparents are our gem. Without them, we wouldn’t learn all these lessons that they’ve taught us through their stories. We must not forget that they are the ones who cared for us when we were little. It is our turn to take care of them the same way they took care of us.

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