Why Granite Is a Popular Choice for Countertops

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Granite’s popularity as a countertop material mostly stems from its durability and value for money, although it can be expensive to include it in a kitchen renovation.

If you live in Utah, homeowners in popular housing markets should consider using granite for kitchen remodeling. In Provo, for instance, homes are selling quickly, and you can take advantage of this trend by making some renovations. It’s possible to recover 100% of your initial investment in granite kitchen countertop, and there are other reasons why you should use it:

A Long Service Life

Granite lasts for more than 30 years if maintained and installed correctly. If you use cheaper materials, it’s likely that you would need to replace it twice during this time. In other words, spending a bit more on granite saves money; it prevents replacements and repairs. Since each slab of natural granite has a different design, you can be sure of a uniquely made style for your home.

In fact, some slabs resemble the appearance of marble. Some homeowners use white granite for this reason, as they can have a marble-like countertop without having to worry about maintenance when they use real marble. After you choose a slab for a kitchen countertop, ask around from different interior designers about the best way to install it.

It’s better to hire a company that specializes in the installation of kitchen fixtures, especially for those who plan on selling their house post-renovation. The actual price of materials and installation depends on the size and quality, although you should expect to spend at least $2,000 for a granite countertop.

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Other Expenses

You can buy whole slabs of granite based on a per-square-foot price of $15 to $140 or $10 per square foot to $35 per square foot for prefabricated ones — installation costs between $25 and $170 per square foot. While the quality of materials and installation significantly affects the total cost, other factors can reduce or increase the price. Homeowners can spend an extra $50 to $300 to remove an old countertop.

A replacement might also require the installation of new plumbing, rewiring electric switches for appliances, and measuring the space to fit the original material. Polishing and edging can cost from at least $4 to $5 per square foot, while cutting a double sink and backsplash installation are other ancillary expenses. It might be necessary to redesign cabinets and cupboards so that the new countertop could support these fixtures.

Natural stone countertops aren’t just cost-efficient; they are also a sustainable resource. Granite can last for a lifetime when properly maintained. There’s a small chance that you need to apply a sealant, and even if you do, it will take several years before requiring another application.

In the end, an installation that comes with a lifetime warranty on artistry is one of the best choices for homeowners. Otherwise, pick an interior designer who has extensive experience with kitchen-remodeling techniques. Don’t settle for the lowest price, especially when it’s too good to be true.

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