Inexpensive Dance, Music, and Art Lessons for Your Kids

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If you notice your child is developing an interest in music, dance, and art, don’t be too surprised as they’re mostly ‘living the arts’ in everything they do. At any given time, you can find them twirling around, scribbling on the walls, or using their limitless imaginations in creating something new.

If you’re looking to encourage their passion but don’t have the means to pay for expensive classes, don’t worry as there are plenty of quality lessons out there that are either very affordable — or free.

Here are some of the best and most inexpensive dance, art, and music lessons for kids:

Dance Classes

Dance classes offer unique experiences to meet all kids’ skills and interests — from Hip Hop to Jazz. Studios often provide dance lessons for children as young as 3 or 4 years old, teaching them basic coordination skills to more advanced techniques catered for older kids. Several studios rent dance floors in Utah to teach children face-to-face, and classes can start as low as $95 for a month of fun dancing and learning.

Skillshare Online Art Classes for Kids

If you want your child to have their lessons at home, skillshare offers 13 free online art classes for children that range from a course on doodling for kids alongside an hour-long 25-step drawing session or a 15-minute lesson on how to draw a cat, dog, or giraffe. They also focus on teaching your child how to draw using different materials, including painting with acrylic and watercolors to coloring using colored pencils and pastels.

Music Lessons

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Music lessons are often popular with children as not only is it fun. It’s rewarding, as well. You can enroll them in voice or instrument lessons and help them embrace the musical artist within them. There are plenty of programs and classes available, such as ones from the Ada Conservatory, offering lessons in different kinds of instruments, including piano, drums, guitar, violin, ukulele, percussion, and voice lessons — teaching kids to be well-rounded musicians.

Video School Online

Video School Online offers different kinds of art classes for children of all ages, from 3D print to painting. A popular course in the platform involves eight art projects covering various skills, including drawing, painting, and mixed media world, all of which cost $10 only. As for supplies, children only need a pencil, erasers, watercolor, colored pencils, oil pastel, scissors, glue, and paper. Classes contain an introduction to a project, a supplies list, and printable instruction sheets.


If you notice your little one often playing pretend or pushing you to reenact their favorite scenes in books or movies, you may have a star in the making on your hands. Even if this isn’t the case, involving your child in the art of acting can be a great way to expand their skills and boost their confidence. There are several opportunities for kids to try out theater programs and let them be on stage. An affordable option is Studio Kids in Draper, which starts as low as $65.

If you’re looking to encourage your child’s passion for art, music, and dance, you don’t need to pay big bucks to do this — and the lessons and classes mentioned are some of the best in their field and are either free or extremely affordable.

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